Hi there and a very warm welcome to all the new subscribers who have joined us recently.  Pull up a pew, plonk the cat on your lap and enjoy the new articles.

I’m sorry that there hasn’t been a Mewsletter or Scratching Post for a few months; various things were happening which were difficult to deal with (I won’t bore you with the details) and I went into a bit of a meltdown. 

I also had a major problem with my email account and my emails weren’t being sent out although I have no idea where they did go! And I wasn’t receiving any – so if you sent me any emails from January to end of March and I didn’t reply please resend them.  And please accept my apologies if you entered the book quiz and/or the caption competition and I didn’t respond or include your entries – I just didn’t receive them.  Sorry.

Everything is back to normal now, though goodness, and if you do write to me, I will reply!


I would like to say a humongous thank you to the following folk for their very kind donations:

Ellen, Glenda, Helen, Janette, Karen and Richard – thank you all very much for your wonderful generosity.


Here’s a great opportunity.  Joe Inglis, the vet from Vets in Practice, wrote to tell me about a new project he has created.  It’s a new app called QTSY where you can upload pictures of your cats and dogs and people can vote for them.  He has very kindly said if enough Daily Mews’ subscribers are interested, he’ll create a Daily Mews page where we can all have our pictures.

Click here for more information:

QTSY: TV vet launches new pet app


The new Avengers film – Avengers: Age of Ultron is now out in our cinemas.  If your cat had special powers what would they be and why? Send me your comments and I’ll pick the best to feature in the next Mewsletter: p.dewberry@ntlworld.com



Dezi and Lexi are service cats looking after their Mommy, Audra, who has many serious health issues.  But just lately, Lexi has been off her food and drinking a lot more.  Here’s their article on what’s been going on with them:

Drinkin’ the water bowl dry

Thrown out with the trashwas the true story of how Monty, Freddie and Claudia were rescued by Debs Spencer when they were barely an hour old.  Found in a plastic bag, if Debs hadn’t acted quicker, they would have surely perished.  Amazingly, in March, they celebrated their 10th birthday; here’s Debs’ update.

Monty, Freddie and Claudia celebrate their 10th birthday


ELLEN PILCH: 15 cats and meowing:

Ellen continues her stories about how her cats came to live with her and her husband.



Ellen also took a trip in March to stay at the illustrious Algonquin Hotel, New York where she met Matilda, the hotel cat.



Some time back Jem wrote a piece which he’s kindly given me permission to use on the website.  I’m sure many of us can relate to Jem’s account of the time his newly adopted cats went missing.

Missing, Presumed Fed


Has your cat helped you to meet and make new friends? Did your cat bring your soul mate into your life?  We all know how clever cats are and John Grafton’s latest story is about Binks – a cat on a mission.  Enjoy.

The cat who played matchmaker


Lynn, who won our Christmas story competition about Carlo finding a loving home with the local priest in an Italian village, has written a beautiful sequel.  Originally intended for the Easter update (before all the gremlins attacked!) Lynn’s story has a wonderful feel-good ending.

Carlo’s message: a cat story for Easter

Once again, my thanks to Jem Vanston for trawling the web looking for illustrations for me to us in Lynn’s story.


Congratulations to Ellen Pilch who was first with all correct answers to the Book Quiz.  You can see the authors here:

Book Quiz February 2015

Book Quiz June 2015   Please send your answers to p.dewberry@ntlworld.com by 25th June.  Thank you.  


The A – Z Cat health and first aid by veterinarian Andrew Gardiner is an excellent book that every home should have on its book shelves to refer to.

A – Z cat health and first aid


Andrew Lane wrote the winning caption for the last caption competition.  See here for all entries:

Caption Competition # 47

Caption Competition # 48

Please send your entries – no more than 5 – to p.dewberry@ntlworld.com by 25th June, thank you.


Trish James in Cheltenham, UK, has written a lovely piece about a black cat called Sheana who was given a new home and a new chance:

Sheana’s story


Joe Inglis, the TV vet, (see the feature on the QYSY app) also wrote an article about cats and gardens which he’s kindly allowed me to feature on the website, which Daily Mews readers/subscribers/visitors alike will find very interesting:

Cats and gardens

 It’s a sad fact that many of the UK’s pets are morbidly obese and just as the human population is getting bigger, so, too, are our pets. What can be done to help them?

Killing with kindness

Do you understand feline body language? Does your cat love you as much as you love him? An article that appeared in a recent issue of Your Cat magazine posed the question: ‘Does your cat love you back?’ Chloe Hukin, the editor of Your Cat, gave me permission to use the article on the website – my grateful thanks to her.

Does your cat love you back?


I always knew cats were clever but this is one extremely clever cat.

Deaf man teaches his cat to sign for food

Here’s a link to the amazing rescue of a little kitten from a fire.  My heart was in my mouth:

Fireman rescues kitten

I know this is a Mewsletter devoted to cats but you also know that I love all animals.  Here’s a link which will make you smile.  These horses hadn’t seen each other for four and a half years.  (My thanks to Mike Smith who included it in his recent newsletter)




Bilbo has been busy now that the evenings are getting lighter.  Read his latest ‘buzz’ here:

A-hunting we will go


Casey had a lot to get off his chest this time, so he’s been very busy tapping away on the pawboard.  He hopes you enjoy his Mewsings.

I’ve been on holiday

Mum’s face

Patrolling the perimeter


Hol, (who channels the late great Jimmy), has written a very interesting piece about Love and The Cathars which I know you’ll enjoy.  As usual, Jimmy’s paw has added an irascibility which lifts it from mundane to prickly!

The Cat Hars


Some of you may have seen this before as I sent it out once as a ‘forward’ by email.  I update it every now and then to keep it current and although it’s been written very much tongue in cheek (I never take myself seriously!) it is all true!

New Year, New Self


So, how are you liking the feline answer to Downton Abbey?? Toff Cat has a splendid ensemble of motley characters: some you’ll know and some you may not be familiar with.  If you need help with guessing who the caricatures are, just email and ask me.

Here’s the latest episodes in this sparklingly funny series:


Heston Bloomingbollards

And that just about wraps it up for this time.  All being – and the devil doesn’t fart down my chimney (as he frequently does to a good friend of mine) – I hope to have another update for you at the end of the month.

Do let me have your feedback, good, bad or indifferent.  In the meantime, stay safe as the sun is hotting up (sometimes it’s out in the UK!!)

Till the next time,

Purrfilled blessings

Pauline – editor in chief

Casey – right-pawed assistant to the editor in chief


A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.