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A mixed bag of weather in the UK at the moment. After the hottest July on record ever, we’re now ‘enjoying’ the liquid stuff – which we are more acquainted with – rain.  Casey lies on the tower looking out of the dining room window, sighing, because he can’t go out and explore in the garden, his dreams thwarted and frustrated.

Heads Up!  August 17th is BLACK CAT AWARENESS DAY and if you head over to Facebook and click on the link you’ll be transported to black cat heaven.

Black Cat Awareness Day



Lexi, one half of the Amazing Cats duo of Dezi and Lexi, has been diagnosed with CKD and has recently had a UTI.  Audra, their human ‘Mom’ whom they take care of daily, has got a fundraising page where you can contribute to help out with Lexi’s medication.  Please go to:

Lexi Needs Medical Care For CKD and All that comes with it


Would you know what the five animal welfare needs are?

Environment: the need for a suitable environment (place to live)

Diet: the need for a suitable diet

Behaviour: the need to be able to express normal behaviour

Companionship: the need to live with, or apart from, other animals

Health: the need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease

The PDSA, one of the UK’s leading animal charities has drawn up a PAW report based on surveying over 21,000 people.  13.5million households in the UK have pets, but many of them do not have access to the 5 welfare needs.

To read more about this please click on this link:

PDSA PAW report


We had a good response to the Book Quiz I’m happy to say.  Jared Kline who lives in Belgium was first off the mark with all five correct answers.  You can see them here:

Book Quiz July

This month’s Book Quiz can be found on this link:

Book Quiz August

As always, the first person with all 5 correct answers will win the prize.  Send your answers to p.dewberry@ntlworld.cormby 20th August.  Thank you.


What a terrific response to Chapy’s picture of his paws over his head.  Great captions and I had a really hard job to choose.  But here are all the entries and the winning caption. Well done to Vicky Corrao from Ohio who is the winner.

And a special mention to Jim Willis for his topical caption!

Caption Competition 49

Here is this month’s picture for you to caption.

Caption Competition 50

As always, no more than 5 captions, to p.dewberry@ntlworld.comby 20th August. Thank you.


You should all know my views by now on the issue of declawing cats.  I’m still constantly amazed that veterinary surgeons in the US and other parts of the world still offer to declaw a cat along with neutering and spaying, or microchipping.  This practice should be banned as it is both inhumane and barbaric.

Barbara Bates, a friend of mine from ‘Ooop North in the UK’ has a dedicated Facebook group which you might like to check out for further information.

The International Coalition Against Declawing  

Barbara has written an introductory piece which you can read here:

Speaking out against declawing



Ellen continues her stories of how her different cats came to live with her, and David, her long-suffering husband.  In this instalment, however, it was David who brought the newcomer home:

Life with Cats - part 7 - Millie


Carol, who is the genius behind Toff Cat, has written a rather lovely story about a cock sparrow called ‘Chirper Tensing’ and Derek, a cat with strange eyebrows, intent on having a snack:

Chirper Tensing

When you’re just starting out on your journey of being a cat parent, there is a bewildering number of things we think we ought to get.  In reality, there are only a few simple things and you can add more as you go along.  In ‘Bringing home a kitten or two’ I tell you which basic items you need to get first to ensure your new kittens, or cats, can quickly settle into their new life with you.

Bringing home a kitten or two


‘Weep not for me – in memory of a beloved cat’ by Constance Jenkins is a beautiful little poem written for her sister Mary, on the death of Isolde, Mary’s 12 year old cat.

Weep not for me


The Cats of Y2K highlights the work down by the amazing Green Mountain Animal Defenders in Vermont.  Mary Gerdt writes about her own experience of living and working with feral cats and the help that GMAD gave her to ensure that all the cats lived long and happy lives.

The Cats of Y2K


On July 4th, amid the profusion of coloured lights and horribly loud noises, three little orphaned kittens found themselves under the loving watchful eye of Ed Kostro.  He and his wife, Rebecca, have a houseful of unwanted cats and dogs that they’ve rescued from the streets of Illinois. Fortunately, Mama Kitty was found shortly afterwards and was reunited with her kittens: Precious, Tiny and Midnight.  She has been spayed, and named Mama Socks.  She will be staying with Ed and all the others but the kittens have been weaned and are being cared for by a non-profit no-kill rescue organisation.  If you would like to give a donation to help them in their work (they rescue hundreds of cats throughout the year) please click on the link below:


Here’s Ed’s story:

The Fourth of July Kittens


My vet buddy, Neil McIntosh has written about something that many older cats get –hyperthyroidism – this time:

Health problems facing older cats


Did you know that tortoises could have a hysterectomy? No, me neither.  And in case you’re wondering why a tortoise story is in a Mewsletter about cats, Sheila (the tortoise) lives with her boyfriend, Ben, and Oscar the cat.  Here’s the link to her incredible story:

Sheila’s journey

I have featured Sheila and Ben before with their best friend, Sid, the cat.

Ben, Sheila and Sid, an unlikely friendship


Ham sent me this link to how kitties show their love for you.

Kitty love

Michael Kolonel in Canada sent me this link to Pauly, a cat with six-legs awaiting surgery.

6-legged cat Pauly needs surgery

This link is not about cats but it had me in tears. Do copy and share with your friends.  As someone who has experienced cancer (leukaemia) I know what it’s like to know that you have friends ‘out there’ who care for and about you.

I’m gonna get you through it

My thanks to Janette Golder for this lovely link of a baby sloth and his teddy friend:

Baby sloth and his teddy



Casey’s been walking out of the room just lately when I talk to him.  Find out why:

Running commentaries


Here’s the latest episodes in the Toff Cat series; I do hope you’re finding them as funny as Casey and I do.

Dame Pongington Pipsqueak’s daughter

The Titler


Our resident agony uncle, Squirt, received a heartfelt plea from Moet on the subject of sisterly love.

Why won’t my sisfur love me back?

Squirt’s reply follows so read Moet’s question and you’ll see Squirt’s answer below it.


The message, which can be found on the home page, is about feline dementia.  Just go to the homepage and its right there in front of you!


Tiffany Two, the holder of Guinness World Record’s oldest living cat title, has passed away in her sleep aged 27 – which is 125 in ‘human’ years!

Tiffany Two

www.catbox.ro(a Romanian gift company) has become the country’s first employer to have a cat on the payroll. One-year-old Scottish Fold ‘Boss’ has been appointed ‘chief of communications’ and will receive a salary of 200 euros (around £150 a month). Boss will also be the face of the company’s new gift range being launched in the autumn.  

Where would you think a safe place to have your kittens would be? This clever cat gave birth to her kittens in a bird’s nest in a tree in County Louth, Ireland.

Cat gives birth in a tree

A dog finds a box containing 7 little kittens on Maerdy Mountain, South Wales on National ‘Hug your Cat Day’ and saves their lives.

Kittens saved by clever canine

And that’s about it for now.  Enjoy your summer and keep safe.  Feedback is always welcome and appreciated, good, bad or indifferent.  If you would like to send me any stories about your own cats – with good clear pictures – please do and I’ll feature them in the Cat Chat section.  And if you’ve read any good cat books that you’d like to share a review then please send it to me via the usual address.

Till the next time


Pauline – Editor in Chief

Casey –Right Pawed Assistant to the Editor in Chief and Keeper of Inappropriate Secrets!





One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)