Hi everyone and a huge warm head-butt and a belly rub to all the new subscribers who have joined us this month.  Pull up a pew, plonk a cat on your lap and enjoy all the newsy things the Mewsletter contains – and then share it with your feline loving family members and friends.

I had a lovely two-week holiday in Bulgaria in the mid-latter part of September. So much to see and do, and some lovely new cat friends made.  I often take pictures of cats when I’m away so decided to create a new section called ‘Casey’s Cousins’ where I’ll put the pictures. I will set this new section up next time.  

If, while you’re away, you take pictures of any cats, send them to me and tell me where they’ve been taken, and I’ll add them. These cats are usually feral or strays, skinny, and usually fairly wary of strangers.  One little female allowed me to pick her up.  I could see by her teats that she was a nursing queen which was such a shame as she was still a kitten herself.  She nestled into my neck and I would have loved to bring her home. I don’t know what Casey would have made of her!

A cure for the common cold?True to form, a flight always causes me problems and at the moment, I’m sitting here with a tissue stuffed up both nostrils because my nose is like a running tap (ew) and I’m coughing my lungs up.  And NO, I do not smoke, but in Bulgaria there are no designated non-smoking areas so everywhere we went, we were enveloped a cloud of cigarette smoke.  I’m writing a letter to the Minister of Tourism and Leisure and the Prime Minister of Bulgaria to see what they have to say about it!!

And I apologise because so many of you contacted me to see if I was ok but I haven’t replied – because I barely spent any time on the computer.  My apologies.


NATIONAL BLACK CAT DAY:  27th October 2015

Did you know, that it takes on average, 13% longer to rehome a monochrome moggy?  That’s one week longer in care, simply because of the colour of their fur.  Today, October 27th is National Black Cat Day and Cats Protection (among other organisations) are highlighting the plight of black, and black and white cats in a bid to get prospective rehomers to choose these cats rather than other colours. 

Cats Protection have a dedicated Facebook page where you can check out kitties on offer and facts about black cats.


Send me pictures of your black cats and I’ll create a page for them: p.dewberry@ntlworld.com  Tell me their names and where you’re from.

Here are the first few; my thanks to Jem Vanston (Bumble) and Susanne Haywood (unnamed poser at the Bronte sisters’ vicarage, Haworth, Yorkshire)

National Black Cat Day 27th October 2015


Suzie Cyrene from www.homeoanimal.com  gave me some information which I’d like to share with you all about adopting pets.

She said: ‘I’m writing to you because few month ago, we interviewed 200 rescues and shelters.  This allowed us to create the best content possible in order to help these animals that only ask for the RIGHT person to adopt them.

We created not only 1 or 2 blog posts about it, but a series of 12 articles. In these, we talk about the benefits of adopting an animal, the myths that are all too often associated with adoption, what one should consider before adopting and during adoption process, and also tips for taking care of the new chosen pet.’

Here is the link to the article: http://www.homeoanimal.com/blog-animal-health/ultimate-guide-pet-adoption-sneak-preview/


If you want to receive a packed newsletter stuffed to the gunnels with all manner of articles and information on our feline friends, look no further than Arlene’s Angels.  Arlene sends out a fantastic newsletter monthly and supplements with every conceivable thing about cats contained therein.  To sign up for her newsletters, please email her personally – she welcomes this contact – Asphikas@aol.com and tell her you’re a Daily Mews subscriber.  



I’m happy to tell you that we have a new feline correspondent from Thassos, a Greek island, called Floot.  He is the muse (mews) to his human Dad, Ian’s gallery – The Blue-eyed cat.  Floot will regale us in future articles about living in Greece with his many sisters and cousins.  

Here’s his first piece:

I’m Floot – the blue-eyed cat


I’ve met some lovely people on social media and this next piece, from Todd Parker, written from his cats’ point of view tells of the work that Kitty Haven does.  Todd is a dab hand at making things to enrich his cats’ lifestyle as well.

Home Sweet Home – Kitty Haven


The 29th August 2005 saw death, devastation and destruction on a horrendous scale when Hurricane Katrina all but wiped out the state of New Orleans.  Ed Kostro went back there for the 10th anniversary and met up with some of his fellow rescuers.  Ed brought home three ‘left-behind’ pets: two dogs and a cat.  Here’s his story:

Hurricane Katrina – my journey back in time


John has written another story which will have you gripped to your seat in wonder.

The brave museum cat that saved a goddess


Ellen shares with us the story of how Prancie came to live with her, her husband and all the other cats.

Prancie – part 9


Carol Lake (Toff Cat) has been on her travels again, back to a place she loves – Madeira.  Here she writes about a happy ending for one very neglected and starving black Persian boy called Sweetee:

The Funchal Furball


Jem Vanston has written a child-friendly version of his book, A Cat Called Dog which cat lovers of ALL ages will love.  Illustrated by an amazing man called Greg (who’s 23 years old!), it will appeal to everyone and is out now – perfect for that surprise Christmas gift!

A Cat Called Dog – child-friendly version


Would you know what Eosinophilic Glossitis is?  Carol thought that she was going to lose her cat Dumpty to untreatable cancer but a biopsy revealed it was Eosinophilic Glossitis, which is treated with steroids.  Here’s Dumpty’s view of her illness written in her own inimitable style.

Eosinophilic Glossitis – say what?

Carol entered Dumpty’s photo in a national newspaper competition and it won.  A beautiful Fortnum & Mason hamper for Carol and a hamper of Gourmet goodies for Dumpty.  After all that worry it’s great to hear good news at last!

Gourmet goodies for Maid and me



Bilbo has had a very busy summer which is why we haven’t heard from him in a while but he’s come bouncing back with a great story for you. Enjoy!

Summertime and the living is easy


Casey was completely taken off guard when he saw ‘the dark oblong thing’ at the top of the stairs.  Read what he has to say about the matter here.

Strange goings on are a-paw


Indie’s first piece I put in the Amazing Cats category but then I decided to give Indie his own column, which you’ll find in the Humour section, under MEWSERS’ MEWSINGS.

Here’s his first ‘official’ piece:

First realisations


For those of you who have just joined us since the last Mewsletter/Scratching Post was sent out, Moet is a beautiful blind cat who lives with her ‘sisfurs’ in Oman.  She has a very active and varied life on social media and that’s how we met.  I like her sassy attitude to life despite the raw deal she had as a kitten.  Her human Mum, Emily, is a brilliant Mum and does everything she can to help Moet enjoy her life.  She even put a 6’ high fence on the balcony to keep her cats safe.  They would be safe, wouldn’t they?  Read what happened to Moet – your heart will be in your mouth.

And for my next trick…


Squirt has had a very busy and social summer on Twitter but he took time out of his cluttered schedule to drop us a line.  It’s always good to hear from him as he really does have his paw on the button, so to speak; he always knows what’s going on and he’s the go-to cat if you want to know something or how to do something.

Healing Purrs

I’m sure many of us can identify with Squirt’s piece this month.  Casey has been looking after me as I lay on the sofa, breathing my last (or so he thought).  He’d give me a funny look when I was coughing.  I’m not sure if my coughing annoyed him or if he really cared!  

We all know the value of a cat’s healing purrs and if you want a CD of cats purring, then let me know.  Hol’ and Daisy’s ‘dad’ Jack has some.  I took one into hospital with me when I was having chemotherapy and it really did relax me.


I’m always sad when people write to tell me that their beloved cat has gone to Rainbow Bridge, but when a stray cat has braved the elements and their fears and put their trust in us, when we lose them, it is even harder.

Karen Evans from Swansea, Wales, wrote to tell me that a little stray she’d called ‘Tigger’ passed away recently.  Tigger was just beginning to venture into Karen’s house but he was already deep in her heart.


I met Willi Whizkas probably 10 or more years ago when I read his fantastic book Willi Whizkas: Tall Tales and Lost Livesso I was hugely saddened when I heard the news that at 18, he had gone to Rainbow Bridge.  Here in the Daily Mews Office Casey went about his editing duties with a solemn face in deference to a great cat who had lived well.  Rest in Peace Wills.


Kathy Scott from the US wrote to tell me about Angela and Oscar, her two indoor cats.

Angela and Oscar

Please take a few minutes to read my message on the Home Page; just go to www.thedailymews.comand scroll down an inch or so.  You’ll see it under the heading:  Dr Casey will see you now …

And that about sums it up for now.  In the UK we’ve got fireworks going off each night now in readiness for Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November followed by Diwali so fireworks will be heard for weeks on end now.  Please keep your cats and dogs safe by not allowing them outside.  Close the curtains, and put the television or radio on to try and muffle the noise somewhat.  If your dogs are nervous plug in an Adaptil diffuser; Feliway for cats.

Till the next time


Pauline (who’s no longer ‘multi-tasking’ thank goodness – see home page message)

Casey (who’s very relieved that the explosions are diminishing)



A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras