Billed as ‘A Celebrity Meowmoir‘ Sex and the Kitty is a hilarious read and a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and will recommend.  

Nancy the Cat is looking for something that will elevate her status to that of Celebrity. To that end she soon outgrows the neighbourhood cats that make up Team Nancy and looks further afield to achieve this stardom.

Secretly in love with, or enamoured by, the cat who does the Kit-e-licious adverts on television and on the packets of dried cat food, she dreams of perhaps becoming a starlet too, so that she can mix in his circles and maybe become his Queen.

She has some lovely friends around the neighbourhood but as with most of us, it’s not until we’ve tried living away from home and all that we hold dear, that we realise that what we want was right there in front of us all the time. After many different adventures including a one night stay in a rescue centre and a disastrous stage career Nancy realises that she misses her family and her friends.

What is so good (in my opinion) about Nancy’s book is that she tackles various every day issues related to us humans and samples them for herself, or makes the choice not to, depending on what the experience might be. Parallels are made which she refers to but with which we humans can nod our heads in agreement but she is sensible enough not to go down certain roads.

Nancy is a black cat and black cats, (and black and white cats) tend to be overlooked at the shelters and rescue homes because of the old superstitions about witches and their familiars. I think Nancy’s message is that you can be different (or thought to be not good enough) and still be able to rise above your station and make something of yourself.

Anyone of any age could read and love this book. I really loved it and I do hope that Nancy will decide to bring out a second book because I can see that as a feline author, she has a lot to share with her readers; a lot of common sense, much sardonic humour and overall love for her fellow felines.

I can also see it being made into a film.

You can view Nancy’s blog at  or for those of you on Twitter: @NancyWriterCat.

It comes out in hardback on 22nd September 2011 on ISBN: 9781780330501 priced £12.99 and is available direct from the publishers:

Constable & Robinson Ltd, 3 The Lanchesters, 162 Fulham Palace Road, London,W6 9ER.

Or you can get it from Amazon either as a hardback or on Kindle too.

I don’t know if this will be the case with all sales, but with the review copy I was sent by the publishers, there was a sheet containing a Nancy the Cat cut out ‘doll’ (or perhaps that should be ‘cat’) with various outfits to cut out and fix on her rather like the cut out dolls that you used to get in girl’s comics years ago.   

Nancy the Cat has graciously granted me some of her precious time in order to answer some questions about herself. Click here to read the interview with Nancy the Cat


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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