This book is a real delight for all cat lovers. Written by an astute feline who has more of a grasp on reality than the two Uprights (whom she calls the Upright who wears a Skirt and the Upright in Trousers) who share her living arrangements, she takes the reader on an eventful journey through one year.  

with kind permission from Dr Vernon ColemanThe flyleaf gives the following information about the author: Alice is a 6-year-old mixed tabby. She lives in Devon, which is in the south west of England and shares her home with her half sister Thomasina and two humans.  This is her first book. Her hobbies include sleeping, eating and sitting in the sun. 

The reader will be introduced to Alice’s many and various feline friends, including the snooty, materialistic Lapsong II, who visits periodically to show off her latest acquisition, to the hopelessly inept and squeamish as a hunter, Penelope.

There are some very wry observations that make Alice wonder if there is any hope for the Uprights. There are also some hilarious moments when she presents them with a vole or a shrew to try and help improve their hunting skills.

This book will delight any cat lover and as it is written in such a witty way, the reader will gain an insight into what life is like being a cat!

ISBN: 0-9503527-1-3

The line illustrations are by Vernon Coleman.

Dr Vernon Coleman has written articles and books on a great number of different topics. For more about him, visit his website: 


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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