The Moult Master by Mikki (The Professional’s Choice) takes grooming to the next level (so it says on the enclosed leaflet). 

‘It’s guaranteed to reduce the time and effort spent grooming out undercoat and dead hair. All pets moult naturally and with the help of Mikki Moult Master it stops grooming being an arduous chore.’

The Moult Master has durable heat treated stainless steel double edged teeth and is a lightweight product which easily removes loose dead undercoat, leaving a well groomed, moult free shiny coat. The Mikki Moult Master can be used effectively and efficiently on dogs as well as cats.

Billy, Sam and Ollie have all trialled the Mikki Moult Master and their comments are given below.

Billy: Billy:

I just love this new strokey thing that my Mum uses on my fur. I just love being groomed, stroked, cuddled and I baby up and snuggle into her arms. When I see her get the strokey thing ready I start dribbling with excitement because I know I’m going to feel good and look good very soon. I love the way the strokey thing makes me feel and all the old fur that comes out is not wasted; Mum puts it out for the birds so that they can use it to make their nests more comfy for their babies.

It gets my paw of approval.


Sam: Sam:

Like Billy, I love the new strokey thing as well. It glides over my body and makes me feel really delicious. The old dead fur comes out without any problems leaving my coat looking very velvety soft and shiny. It’s nice to have some special time with Mum while she strokes me and makes me feel good. I think I read somewhere that when humans stroke cats they feel better too so it’s good to know that I’m helping Mum relax and feel good. All in a day’s work for us cats, you know.

It gets my paw of approval too!


Ollie: Ollie:

What’s with this new strokey thing anyway? Give me the old fashioned way – tongue on fur – nothing better, particularly if you can get someone else to lick you! Now that’s really up there with the pleasure zone.

Okay, okay, it sort of feels good, I suppose, I’ll have to admit but I’m too busy to stand around and be stroked and poked and prodded and all that namby pamby poncy stuff. I’ve got a zillion things to get done in my day so spending time with a strokey thing is not for me – not yet awhile anyways.

It’s all right I guess but I don’t go a bundle on it. The other two are old men compared to me and older cats like to have help with their fur and stuff.

I’ll give it a discarded claw sheath of approval.   

I did do a search but Pets at Home (in the UK) were the cheapest. from £16.99

Unfortunately, PetsMart didn’t seem to have any. 


The photos of Billy, Sam and Ollie were all taken by my brother Tony. You can  see his amazing collection of fantastic photos here:

Type in Anthony Hedger and his gallery should come up.



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