I took this CD into hospital with me when I was having treatment for leukaemia in November/December 2006. The purring cats reminded me of my own 5 beloved cats waiting for me at home and it helped me to relax when having daily chemotherapy for 4 weeks. It's a great CD and it really does help one to relax - even to sleep - and when I played it at home with my cats around me - all of them seemed very laid back to the point of being horizontal!!!

relax_with_catsBrian and Nancy from Oshkosh, WI, USA reviewed this product:

Upon receiving this unique compact disc, we immediately put it in the stereo and sat down with the day’s mail and a cup of tea.  About half an hour later we looked at each other said “I feel pretty relaxed.”  The reaction of our 3 felines (Sophie, FranJo, and Emzy) mirrored our own.  FranJo, who is a high strung creature on the calmest of days, seemed to show the most tranquility.  She lay on her back with all four paws in the air – perhaps she was rating the CD with 4 paws (2 thumbs) up?!  While neither human nor feline can credit the music and cat purrs completely for our relaxation, it is a fact that we all enjoy listening to the CD. 


Nancy teaches high school and the arrival of “Relax with Cats” coincided perfectly with semester exams.  She often plays instrumental music while her students test, but this time, with their permission, she played the new disc for one of her classes.  That group of students (gracias 6th hour Spanish IV students!) scored a bit higher on their semester exam than did their peers.  Nancy cannot say that listening to the disc raised test scores, but she can vouch for a relaxed group of students. 

We like the combination of music and cat sounds and recommend the CD to other ailurophiles!

Jackie Murphy in the UK also reviewed this CD:

This CD is a collection of soothing relaxation music and a collection of the most relaxing purrs I have ever heard.  The purrers are 13 enchanting cats who have come from various environments and backgrounds.  The humans involved in producing this spectacular CD are Jeff Moran MA who is a pioneer in his field of sound but also specialises in health, balance and learning.  Jack Stewart MSc is a psychotherapists and coach. 

What more can I add to the contents of the CD, apart from the beautiful relaxing music which not only rests the human body but the addition of spectacular purring vibrates with your breathing and rests your soul.  There are different purrs that helps relax both body and mind.  Track 8 is interesting and amazing as 12 out of 13 cats are heard on this track.  Along with a short and helpful guide to make sure that listeners get the full benefit out of the CD it also has pictures and information on the purring voices that appear on the CD. 

Putting the obvious of good value for money aside, this CD even put my dog into a restful and relaxing sleep and me …. it brought back some happy memories of my three cats snuggled up with me and happily purring away.

There is nothing more delightful than to sit and hear the sound of a cat purring.  For the majority of cat owners there is nothing more rewarding than hearing your own cat curled up beside you and purring to their heart’s content.  A great CD to listen to with your cat, whilst doing tai chi, yoga or just take a little time to sit and relax.


A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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