Dear Garfield

I’ve heard my Humans say that ‘size doesn’t matter’ but I feel very depressed as I am only very small for my age. Is there anything I can do to get any bigger. I think I’m the laughing stock of the neighbourhood and I don’t want to go out anymore.

Small Simon  



Dear Simon

Your Humans are right ‘Size DOESN’T matter’ but of course, that is of little comfort to you if you feel you are undersize for your age. There isn’t anything you can do to grow any bigger. Please do NOT try to stretch yourself because this is not only painful, but it is pointless. Leonardo da Vinci, the great artist, said that ‘The smallest feline is a masterpiece’ – so Simon, consider yourself a masterpiece. My Human often says ‘Big surprises come in little packages’ so maybe instead of hiding away and being miserable, you could develop your personality so that the neighbourhood cats and your Humans will notice you for the way you are, rather than the size you are. Simon, we are all different sizes – that’s what makes life so interesting so celebrate your size. We only have nine lives – life is too short to spend it being miserable! Take care and keep in touch.


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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