Dear Garfield

Bree - the big brave boy!

First of all I am definitely not of the feline persuasion. I am a dawg! However, my problem involves one of your own species and I am hoping you can help me because I am desperate.

Each night my owner takes me for a walk throughout the neighbourhood. This is how I get some of my exercise although I rather enjoy the other route by the canal where I can dip my 3 paws into the water. Anyway......I am getting off track here.

One night we were out walking and as we passed by this one house I heard this rattling. I looked around but saw nothing at first. THEN, holy yowsers....... here was this ginger thing creeping along in the grass.

I stood looking as it got larger and larger and then my mistress decided it was time to take off. I mean when it finally stood up here was this big angry looking species and it was stalking ME! It looked so fierce that I dragged my owner all the way down to the corner to get away from it. I thought it looked familiar and upon my narrow escape I came to realize it looked a lot like the two cats I live with only I had never seen anything look like this before. There were people across the street rolled up with laughter as this creature stalked me. Fortunately it was on a leash. I guess those people don't need a guard dog.

Garfield...... is this a natural vocation for your species and what can I do to prevent it from stalking me? Just wondering.


the 4 legged 3 pawed Kelpi

Hi Bree

First of all, please accept my apologies on behalf of all the feline species, for the incredible bad manners of this 'ginger' feline. Living in a house with 4 other ginger cats and with a name like Garfield, I'm sure you'll appreciate that I'm very ginger myself <pawses to stroke whiskers thoughtfully> and Sam, who is the token non-ginger cat - none of us would ever dream of doing such a thing.

The fact that this cat was a on a leash proves that he must be very fierce and not to be trusted, and my only word of advice to prevent this creature from stalking you again - and to prevent you from being laughed at - is to tell your mistress to walk in a different direction.

Some cats do like stalk the canine persuasion because as you may already know, living as you do with two superior felines, that we felines have royal ancestry and therefore must be respected and worshipped at all times. Purrsonally, I've done away with all that royal stuff and the rest of the MEWSERS have followed suit. Some of you canine guys can be quite cute, and I'm sure you're one of the cutest, but there are some really big canines about who frighten the pants off us felines - not that we'd ever admit it, you understand!

It's good hearing from you Bree - and I like your name. Thank you for writing. It shows you are in touch with your feline self in that you can write to a cat website. I hope you'll write again - maybe you could even write an article about living with two felines - how they treat you, etc etc. I'm sure it would be a very good read for everyone in the CAT CHAT section of our website.

Take care Bree and give our love to your wonderful Mistress.

Love, head butts and purrs

Your friend, Garfield

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