1.  Mix juice of 4 lemons (along with rinds) with 1/2 gal (2 litres) water and wash floors with it. 

2.  In dog house, wash down interior walls and floor every few weeks with solution of salt water.

3.  Put few drops of dish soap in a shallow pan of water on the floor.  Put a lamp next to it.  Fleas will come toward the light and jump into the water and drown.

4.  Put equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle.  Apply directly to dog's coat and rub in.  Can be applied to cats but might have problems as they don't like the smell.

5.  Remove ticks by dabbing with rubbing alcohol before pulling off.  Grab tick as close to dog's skin as can and pull straight off.

6.  In the yard, spread ice-cream salt in yard to repeal fleas.

7.  Put cedar in bedding. 

8.  To get fleas off pet: put dishwashing soap or shampoo all over pet.  Let sit couple of min.  Rinse off very well.  To protect head from fleas and water, put baby oil around head. 

9.  When washing your pet put baby oil on head and upper neck. This will protect your pet from the fleas while washing.  Can pull or rinse them off while protecting your pet from getting soap in eyes.

10.  Add tsp. apple cider vinegar to pet's water. This provides nutrients to diet, gives shinier, healthier-looking fur, natural deterrent to fleas and ticks.

Submitted by Tammy Whitfield (US)

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