On Aug 8, 2013 young Sparky Wersterfer departed this life of pain and sorrow and raced to join his friends and two sisters at the beautiful Rainbow Bridge.

sparkySparky was the son of Clara Wersterfer for seven and one half years.  He and his two sisters were abandoned on the porch at the age of five weeks or so the vet said.  Clara could see the three babes were sick and rushed them to the clinic.

They were treated for respiratory infection and sent home for excellent nursing care.  Sparky was pre deceased by those two girls who could not be saved. Sparky was medicated and recovered, to make friends with several other cats and delighted Clara with his many antics.

The young man was a friend to all and made his bed on the head board of Clara's bed, sleeping on part of her pillow.

Sparky became ill in July with a return of respiratory illness.  Many trips to the vet, plus meds and treatment could not help.  The last three days, he could not breathe without oxygen and we had to let him go.

Sparky is survived by his favorite playmates, Cee Cee and Lindy, also his family and friends.

He was laid to rest under a large tree that he favored when the sun grew hot.

The golden boy with the big blue eyes is probably chasing those butterflies he loved so much around the Rainbow Bridge along with his sisters. I hope so.

Clara Wersterfer



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