you left too soon


The house seems silent

Its sombre tones echo through

Each room where once you walked

And danced and played.

Sad faces question your absence

And I cannot answer them

For my heart is broken, yet again,

By the parting of a beloved friend.

Your time with us was but a whisper -

A blink of the eye, and too late

The breath was stolen from you

And there you lay, lifeless.

Thank you for your love and friendship;

Thank you for the joy you brought;

All those odd little presents       

From the compost heap and other places

Often made me smile with gladness

At your clever ingenuity.


Rest in peace now, little one,

Locked forever in my heart

There you’ll remain - until we meet

And I can hold you once more

Safe, within my arms.


Pauline Dewberry

26.12.97 (2 days after Joey was run over and killed on Christmas Eve)


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