The following poems are a tribute to a very special cat who passed away on 17th July, 2005.

He's gone

The universe can’t hold the grief it needs;
the hole inside of it is just too large.
My heart is broken; all it does is bleed.
I can’t be where I am; I’m not in charge.
The pieces of my soul have flown away;
my Divot took them when he left me here;
I feel I can’t go on; he couldn’t stay;
he isn’t coming back, but he is near.
And someday I will feel his little sigh,
that puff of air that he let out his nose;
and someday I will feel his fur brush by
right next to my own skin, right through my clothes.
And never will there be another cat
like my own boy, I’m very sure of that.
©2005Margy Ohring

for Divot’s grave 
Please hold close all the ones you love so much
and kiss their little heads and hear them purr.
Remember always that soft whisker touch
and that smooth silky feeling of their fur.
For someday they will not be by your side:
you will be torn and tattered, full of woe.
Someday someone will call to say they died,
and all you’ll do is shout out loudly, “NO!!”
And you know well that they live in your heart,
and you know well that they’ll always be there;
but the hold and cuddle, touch and petting part
will never ever evermore be shared.
Brave Divot cat, you were so very strong;
without you I must try to get along.


He didn’t even have a special bowl
that I could put away now he’s not here;
but he sure left in me a special hole
that won’t ever be filled again, I fear.
He did enjoy a very special bed
that every other cat avoided well;
I guess they knew he’d more than shake his head;
he’d yowl and hit them, yowl again and yell.
He always had his very special place
right on the mouse pad with his tail curled round;
he’d paw my chest and get up in my face.
we’d purr together; how I miss that sound.
He’ll not be far from me; he’ll never leave;
he lives inside my soul, but I still grieve.
©2005Margy Ohring


Somewhere around the edges of a dream,
somewhere inside the glow behind a cloud,
somewhere within the mist that makes it seem
that words should not be spoken very loud;
that somewhere holds a golden spirit tight
as he is held so tightly in my heart;
and golden gleaming eyes pierce through the night
whose darkness does surround my every part.
Once he was walking here, so bold and strong;
once he was cutely rolling on the rug;
once he said “mrow” and sang a noisy song;
once he looked down disdainfully at a bug.
And now he grips my soul with sharpened claws
that pierce me through with pain:  I know the cause.
©2005Margy Ohring


Margy's book, CAT-HOUSE SONNETS is close to publication. The book has a 100 sonnets, including the poems above, although they are not all sad. 

If you would like to contact Margy on book related items only, you can email her at this address:

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