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TillyMy name is Tilly.  I am the newest resident in the house.  I arrived on the 20th September 2009.  I had been used for breeding previously and had not known any loving family life.  I was very scared.  After my previous owners no longer wanted me, having decided they would use one of my kittens instead of me, I was re-homed to my new  mummy.  Unfortunately nothing of my past apart from the fact that I had been a breeding queen is known.


When I first arrived I was very, very scared.  There were other cats around and I did not know what to do.  They did not try to fight with me, but I was scared that they might and so I hissed and spat at them.  To be fair they did look at me in amazement and walked off.  I found refuge in a corner where I felt safe and mummy gave me a lovely cosy bed to sleep in.  I love my bed and spend quite a lot of time in it.  I was frightened to come out at first.  Mummy tried to pick me up to give me a cuddle, but I did not know what was happening and I was very frightened.  She took things very slowly and then I discovered that I liked cuddles.  I started to purr.  Gradually I got brave enough to come out a little bit, but I always ran back to my hiding place when I heard a noise.

Gradually I got braver and I discovered the window sill.  I love to sit up here and watch everything that is going on outside.  I do not venture out though.  I can do if I want. Just recently I have gone as far as the front door and sniffed the air, but I do not want to go any further. 

Just after I arrived I made the mistake of running outside.  I was so afraid I ran up the top of the garden and would not come back when mummy called.  I eventually started to come back, but Socks saw me and thought he would play chase.  I disappeared and eventually mummy had to close the door.  She looked everywhere for me and eventually she found me in the garage.  I have not been outside since.  Mummy says I can go out if I want or if I don't it doesn't matter.

I am getting much braver now.  I love the water fountain and have great fun drinking from that.  I also like to get on the draining board and try to drink from the tap. 

I now sit on mummy's lap and love to be brushed and I purr and talk to her lots.  All in all I think I can say I am now a much happier and content cat.  No one knows my age.  I think I am quite young, probably about 5.  I feel safe now and my previous life is only a distant memory. 

Thank you for reading my story, and please remember if you are going to get a kitten, go to the Rescue Centre.  Do not buy from breeders unless you know how the parents are kept.  Our Rescue Centres are filled to overflowing and they have no option but to put healthy cats down now, especially if they are not young or pretty.  Beauty is only skin deep and an older not such good looking cat will give you endless affection and love for years to come.  Please do not overlook these cats.   

Love Tilly xxx 

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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