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Pauline DewberryPauline Dewberry, the editor of the Daily Mews, currently lives with 2 cats, beautiful mackerel tabbies Casey and Gibbs, having lost her lovely ginger boy (Ollie) in a tragic road accident in July 2013 and sleek black smoothie, (Sam) having to be put to sleep on 3rd January 2014 this year. 

Pauline began the Daily Mews website back in 2002 with an army of cats around her: her beloved 20 year old cat, Garfield, passed away in June 2006 and Ricky in July 2007, who was possibly about 14 years old. In March 2009 Timmy left to be with Garfield and the other Mewsers.  Sadly in May 2011 Billy (who was Timmy's brother) also passed over Rainbow Bridge.  She has left their names in place because they were such special cats who made up the Mews Team.

In return for cooking them gourmet meals and carrying out light domestic duties she was allowed to rent a room in their home. When they watched TV they often allowed her to join them as her lap provides additional seating. Pauline is quoted: 'Cats don't criticise your cooking and don't tell you you're overweight. They just smile sympathetically and hide the chocolates!'

These days Casey can be found sprawled out on her desk while she writes (not only the website but 3 books) or curled up next to her on the sofa when they watch NCIS and other programmes of interest.  Gibbs favours one of two boxes which he curls up and sleeps in unless he's hugging Pauline's knees.

Garfield 27.03.86 - 12.06.06

Charlie 8.10.93 - 28.06.03

Billy (August 1996 - May 2011) and Timmy (August 1996 - March 2009)

Sam February 1998 - January 2014  

SamRicky 10.06.98 - 27.07.07

Ollie August 2002 - July 2013

Casey June 2011








Gibbs in his book box: September 2014

Gibbs in his book box






A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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