FlashHello Everyone

My name is Flash and I was born on the 28th June 1999. As you can see I am a handsome black boy with a white flash on my tummy (hence my name).  My mum was called Gizmo and I have a sister Butty, who has also written her story for the "The Daily Mews" this month.  My brother Jiffy died last year.

I had to go to that place called "the vets" recently.  We all hide when we see the dreaded cat carrier coming out as we know that someone is going in it.  Unfortunately this time it was me.  Mummy said I had been losing weight and she thought I had gone blind in one eye, and we needed to see that nice lady Hannah to find out why.  Mummy said I was very good as I did not make any noise at all in the car or whilst we waited in the surgery. 

Hannah gave me a good examination and took my temperature (I did not like that one bit).  Hannah gave me some antibiotics and pain killers.  She said I had a very large ulcer across my eye, and she thought I might have a thyroid problem, although previous tests had been clear.  I had cream for my eye.  I had to go back a few days later and Hannah was disappointed that my eye was no better. 

FlashMummy mentioned that she suspected I might have a brain tumour.  Hannah said this was quite rare in cats, but it was possible.  She put something horrible in my eye and said I was not producing any tears which was why my eye was so dry.  She told mummy to go to the chemist and get some eye drops for babies which would help put moisture in my eye.  It was also discovered that one side of my face was paralysed.  I was also wobbly on my legs and had lost another 25 grams in weight.  Hannah said she feared that mummy was right and that I did indeed have a brain tumour (whatever that is). 

Hannah gave mummy pills to give me, and I have been feeling better since I started having these.  I am not so wobbly and I feel happier in myself and play with my toys.  I do not go out much and mummy says she is pleased about this as she does not want me to cross the road now that my eye is not so good and my speed not as good as it was.  We live in a Close, but sometimes it gets busy.  I am to go back and see Hannah very soon.  Mummy hopes that with these pills all will be well for some time. 

I am quite a small cat and I am quite low down in the pecking order in our house.  I do not mind that as I do not like to fight and would rather run away from Syddy, Tymmy and Mischief who are all a lot bigger than me.  I do not mind the girls, Butty, Tilly and Twinkle, or Socks as he does not fight either. 

All in all I am a happy little cat and I just keep away from the big boys.  I love it when mummy sits down and then I rush to get on her lap first, and then all the big boys can do is watch and wait for me to decide to get down in my own time - so I have the last laugh after all.

Lots of love

Flash xxxxxxx

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