Day 12

Screams from Maid bought me plodding from the bedroom to the kitchen this morning to see what all the fuss was about.

Dumpty_investigates_a_mouseThere on the mat was a mouse, and a grinning Willi Whizkas. He was soon sent packing down the garden as Manservant put the mouse in a plastic tub so it could recover.

Wills and Dippi-Duck spend hours and hours sitting at the bottom of the garden, their noses firmly under the shed sniffing at the mice that live there. I doubt Wills actually caught the mouse, he’s too stupid, it must be another cat’s cast-off.

I cannot understand why the gingie-crew is so obsessed with sitting outside in cold, wet weather supervising the comings and goings of the mice population, how boring. I would much rather be on my white duvet, grooming my luxurious fur than coming in with cold wet paws and a collection of twigs and slugs in my pelt like the gingie-crew do having feasted on a tough old morsel of mouldy mouse.

Have gingie-crew got no standards? I simply cannot understand why they feel mice and birds can be tasty when I have such wonderful kibbles to eat.

Maid’s version

Flippin’ Willi Whizkas! Another rodent, this time a tiny mouse, bought in from his night time forays.

We let it recover in a plastic tub and showed it to Dumpty who was quite fascinated at first. Clearly she didn’t think it was as tasty as her kibbles as she didn’t seemed too interested in patting it and made no attempt to catch it she just yawned and wondered off.

Willi Whizkas used to be mustard at catching mice. He would bring them home by the brace! Neighbours used to complain about him thundering over their conservatory roof and then shimmying down a drainpipe to get at mice nests in their garden!

Many is a morning when I’ve almost trodden on a perfectly dismantled mouse on the doorstep and the big ginger Gut Truck sitting there, beaming with pride!

He’s getting to be a bit of a clapped out old mogster these days, he’s nearly 12 years old and likes to spend his days sleeping in his snoozzeee or under a bush in the garden soaking up the sun into his fur as he gently nods off.


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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