Day 16

Late start to the day, good job these kibbles don’t go stale, attract flies or crust over like wet food does. In fact I was so dead to the world I didn’t hear maid pour them into my crystal bowl.

Last night Maid was drinking champagne, the catnip for human’s which always makes her silly she even scooped me up and waltzed me round the room in a dance. Then she kissed my tummy fur then my whiskers.

I wish she wouldn’t do that, so unhygienic. You don’t know where humans have been. She simply doesn’t seem to accept that I don’t do the kissy-thing.

I’m far too regal. Whereas Willi Whizkas is a complete tart and kisses every human he comes across. Stupid cat.!

Maid went to bed late, and very giggly. She fidgeted all night so I didn’t get much sleep. Then at 3am just as I was nodding off there was such a wail from under the bedroom window as Willi Whizkas was having a good thumping from the paws of Dylan the Villain, a huge grey tomcat.

So this morning I’d overslept

Maid’s version

Madam actually got off the bed and joined us in the lounge for the evening. She’s not normally this social!

Willi Whizkas got into one of his scraps in the middle of the night again. I don’t know who he has fistipuffs with as he’s quite friendly with Mikey-Mike, Sydney and Cuticles. There must be other cats who wander into the garden. I can’t understand why it’s always my bedroom window that he ends up wailing under, before getting a good thumping, the fights can go on for ages as the cats scream and yowl!


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