Day 17

Reminder to self: Sack Maid.

I was sitting on my duvet inspecting my paws when I glanced out of the window. Maid had taken a few of my wonderful kibbles, about 6 of them and was hand feeding them one by one to Mikey-Mike. He in turn was parading round her legs, purring and drooling.

Mikey_MikeMikey-Mike is a vagrant, a tom-cat-tramp.  A low life cat that couldn’t keep hold of his own humans and now has to beg for a living. I am happy that he has kitchen scraps from Tom Cat Towers, but not my new kibbles.

Strawberries to a pig clattered through my air-head mind!

Mikey-Mike can multi-task. He purrs, hisses, meows and growls at the same time. Maid loves him, obviously easily seduced by his charlatan tricks.

I have a horrific vision of Mikey-Mike being allowed into the house, or even worse, adopted as a Tom Cat Towers Tom and allowed to sleep on my bed.

I had to make my opinions on this very clear. When Maid came in, despite washing her hands, when she came to stroke me I hissed quite violently, as if to say I could still smell Mikey-Mike on her hands.

My reprimand was laughed at she picked me up cuddling me telling me I was the only love of her life. She soon was back in my good books as the crunchy kibbles were poured out for me to enjoy.

Maid’s version

Mikey-Mike came round for his usual feed. I gave him a few of the new cat kibbles and he seemed to enjoy them. I feel sorry for him as he’s such a loving character, very vocal. He can’t decide whether to purr or growl! He needs a good groom and someone to love him, he’s a sweetheart! Willi Whizkas and Dippi-Duck don’t seem at all bothered by him. He eats his food from the bowl by the gate, but will never step paw through the gate, no matter how hard he is encouraged. It’s as if he is grateful for his food but doesn’t want to intrude on the other’s cats’ territory!

When Dumpty has seen him through the window, she gives him a real snotty look.

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure

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