It was fun seeing water, and seagulls, dogs in cars, kids waving and all the stuff rolling right by us...

Hi everyone, Stormy here.


I have been so busy growing up.  I had a little trip to the Doctors. I usually like going there; the sparkle balls as gifts, I get petted and scratched, and of course I can tell when they’re talking about me. But woe to me, this time. They took me in back, gave me a shot, and I woke up all stitches and shaved and I was hurting really bad. When I got home Tweety checked me over and told me, I won’t have any kittens now. It took me a week to get over the OPERATION, but GOOOOD drugs saw me through. Tristan really snuggled me whenever I was hurting and cleaned me up, cuz I couldn’t reach the neither regions very well. But I am as good as gold now.

I am going to be 5 months now. How time flies when you’re treated 1st class. I got jack mackerel when I got home from the vets and I now know what these cans look like and will sit and stare at it until Ham gives in and opens one just for me. Tristan buries it, Tweety just walks away and Tigger will sip on the juices. Also, since my surgery my colours have changed and I have become more fawn coloured.

I have done two (2) road trips with the family since last we talked. The first road trip was up along Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, USA. That was a lot of water. I got to stay in a hotel and Tweety taught me hotel manners, (like she has any) - you know: no drape climbing, no sharpening on the furniture, no chewing curtain cord ends, no teething on TV-controls, just a whole lot of No-s.  I really like the car rides, it was fun seeing water, and seagulls, dogs in cars, kids waving and all the stuff rolling right by us. The 2nd road trip was to Rapid City, South Dakota, USA and I got to see Mount Rushmore with all those big faces carved in stone. I saw antelopes, mule deer, white tailed deer and lots and lots of Black Angus cattle.  I went to Mitchell, South Dakota, USA and got to see the Corn Palace out the car window because it was raining really hard. I guess every year they put up new corn cobs to make new pictures.

stormy_tweety_tristanTweety and I caught a mouse in our house. Keys kept screaming and Tweety then would drop it and it would run and hide again. I tried to tell Keys to “give-it-a-rest” but she just wouldn’t. Tweety finally dropped it in the bottom of the onion bin and Ham got it out of the house. It was more fun chasing than sparkle balls.

I like to splash drinking water all over and climb into the shower and any sink that has water in it. This must go back to my days in the storm sewer. Now Tweety and Tristan do it too. Wet cats everywhere and at night when I climb under the covers Keys says such bad $%#@&^*”><?/ words before drying me off. For shame - for shame, really just as bad as a “?” tail.

Keys really gets into the Christmas season with her M&M candy collectables and I have to run now to help out.

BYE - BYE for now 

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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