I and Tweetie like to watch the mice in the patio running about

Hey Everyone

Tweetie,Tristan and StormyCELEBRATE YOUR DECEMBER HOLIDAY(s): MERRY CHRISTMAS (you do know that CHRIST was REALLY born between 29 March and April 4 in the late year 5BC or early 4 BC)- HAPPY CHANUKKAH - WINTER SOLSTICE –ASURA- & - AL HIJRA-DIWALI , INTI RAYMI, YULE, KOLEDA, HUMAN LIGHT, and MY FAVORITE ->the HAPPY BIRTHDAY OF my cat God “BAST” on (25 DECEMBER).

You see, early CATHOLIC Christians did not like the Romans partying on my God’s birthday, so they STOLE IT for their own. BAST really liked to ‘party hard.’

Any ways, “you better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why” - CUZ - YOU WON’T GET ANY - catnip, salmon, shrimp (no shell please), belly scratches, ear rubs , bacon and eggs (off of Key’s plate), butter from Ham’s toast (his eggs are coated in dried bird pepper bits-ish-ish), icing from cakes and cookies, full body massage, new electric squeeeeaking bird and whatever is hanging from the fireplace in a red stocking-??????.

SO IF YOU'RE BAD - - - SO SAD! ! Just more for me.

I, Tweetie and Tristan have been doing our best since having crab meat for Thanksgiving (USA) in November. It is so trying at times.

Keys put up her M&M’s Christmas collection and all of her Grinch stuff to decorate the house and we are all sorely tested on not playing with all of the toppers and thing-a-ma-jigs.

I and Tweetie like to watch the mice in the patio running about under the outdoor Christmas decorations and Tristan still chases the reflecting lights from passing cars, which shine on the walls and ceiling. Just like chasing that dumb red dot that Ham and Keys shine around to “exercise me”. I know, it’s silly but fun and tiring.

Taking care of KeysI and Tweetie are taking turns nursing Keys who has pneumonia (x-rays and all). And she has to sleep sitting in a recliner. (I’m being very, very good and so is Tweetie.)

I and Tristan like to help Ham bake seasonal cookies and breads. WeBaking cookies with Stormy just can’t help getting up where we are not to be. Oh well, we can’t be all puuurrrphect all the time.

So, do mind your manners, give to those who need it. Be kind to your neighbours (that includes all the beasties in the yard, sea and forest too.) (Spider plant in the window - does not count) Please, put aside cupidity for a week or two and try and be real nice puurrsons to those you meet and give a kindness to the less fortunate. (It is the only godly wanted, right thing to do.)

Hey I saw the moon disappear this last weekend (total eclipse) cool really cool.

Have a few for NEW YEARS (catnip - you dunder heads.)




A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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