He keeps checking on her by standing on her chest and putting his face in hers...

Hi Cat lovers of the world STORMY is back. (But this is just a short note)

Beautiful pensive StormyI’m sorry I have not been keeping up as of late. KEYs has had more than 2 surgeries and Ham had the flu then got pneumonia. This has kept me very busy.

Tweets and I work hard at nursing. Tweets stays with KEYs most of the time but I travel back and forth. I sleep with Ham but Tweets nursemaids KEYs almost 24/7. She is a licker and tries to clean-up a clean Ms. KEYs, when she is sick.

Tristan is the Doctor. Tristan will not leave KEYs alone if he SENSES some outbreak of her disease. He tends to nose around that exact spot, where it will manifest itself. He will not leave her alone. But once it happens, then he keeps checking on her by standing on her chest and putting his face in hers. He then wants to smell the ‘sick-area’.

Tristan and StormyTristan with Ham just lies with him and won’t leave him. I sleep between his knees and Tristan sleeps by his head. But when Ham starts to recover Tristan goes off about his own business and Ham then knows he is on the mend.

So, what did you do on St. Patty’s day? Drink Green Beer or parade around like you were born in Ireland, (and not in the USA). Eat corned beef and cabbage? Or do some other dumb stunts like you see on U-Tube? I ate shrimp and butter. So there!

Mardi Gras was a blast this year. I sat with Ham and watched the Rio PARADES. What beauty, grace, and BARE this and that. I watch KEYs or Ham in the shower, ‘SO WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?’ The clubs dancing in formation; how do they twirl like that? I put my paws on the TV stand and looked at the twirling - almost got dizzy. And I won’t chase my tail like some STUPID dog. I only see half the colours but what stuff to watch.

Spring came early and then winter returned. Cat nip plants went outside and came back in. Grandma’s plants (100 year old bulbs) made this trip too. Strange weather we are having.

KEYs had surgery again last week and will have surgery again this Friday. Too much pain for me. I snuggle but Tweetie is a Saint. She really ATTENDS.

I’ll post a few pictures and write more for the next MEWS.

Think of ME and I will think of YOU.



In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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