Onto my favourite subject: food...

Hello world Stormy here.

Tweetie and I have been having fun trying to catch flies. We chase and chase. We have been known to go where we shouldn’t, but hey, the fly went there first. Now, the dumb flies try and Buzzzz Tristan, not a good idea. He can jump over 5 feet straight up, do a 360, catch the stupid fly, eat the dumb thing and land on his feet. GAME OVER. Back to a ho-hum day. No running on kitchen counters, cocktail tables, up the cat wall, or the M&M shelves by the ceiling. I don’t see as well as Tweetie or Tristan.


I have this viral eye infection, which I have had since I was probably born. Keys has to clean the ‘sleep’ out a couple of times a day. Ham has to crush and mix L-lysine tablets up for me to take. Ham shoots it down my throat. No taste, but I don’t want to take it anyway. I run and hide when I see the syringe. Does no good - Ham catches me. The L-lysine keeps the virus from making my eyes worse. I get these really, really expensive eye drops, which keeps my eyes clear and disease free. You know when I go to the Vet, they put drops in my eyes that shows if my corneas have been damaged by the yuck. So far- so good! It is a common infection of outdoor and feral cats, I was told that by my Doc. And because it is like herpes simplex all of us purrsons get the L-lysine. It stops the virus from getting going in all our eyes. So, if your purrson always has yuck in their eyes, please go see the Doc and get the drops and give the L-lysine to control the virus.

Have you ever had something drive you crazzzzy. Well, you see there is this albino tree rat (squirrel) that goes through our patio and itAlbino Squirrel knows we can’t get him. Keys feeds the damn thing peanuts and stuff. Here is a picture of it. It would be more fun to chase then those dumb flies.

I love to take naps; Keys and me, but we like comfort. Tristan loves to take naps; but he gets all twisted up. Tweetie likes to nap too; just DON’T bother her. Tweetie can be such a witch.

Now onto my favourite subject: food; Ham cooked turkey livers the other day. Well my nose got the better of my judgment and I was up on the counter in a twitch of Tweetie’s tale. Now scallops wallop, Black-forest ham is grand, bacon is shaken, Chicken is licken, fish is delish, but turkey livers delivers. Thin sliced with the broth and, I was like a pig in a trough. I have taught Ham that when he is by the refrigerator and I tap his leg it is “liver time”. I will eat Braunschweiger as a poor 2nd .

Do you like thunder and lightning? I do! I sit in the window and watch the bright flashes. Tweetie could care less. Tristan however howls like a dog, big old “fraidy-cat”.

Our 4th of JULY holiday is coming up in a week and I can’t wait for KEYs to shoot off all those lightening sticks, that go up with sparkles, flashes and booms. I sit in the upstairs window and watch. KEYs should have shot some off for my birthday on the 4th of June. But NOOOO, I only got: tuna, scallops, ham, bacon, and ice cream. I think I got short-shifted, don’t you?

Well I’ve got to get this in the mail for the “Daily Mews”.

Ta Ta, BAST’s Best.


A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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