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Ed Kostro is a wonderful man who sees the value of life in every living creature, be it the humble ant or the mightier and majestic moose! 

Ed Kostro Ever since he was a tiny child of about 3 years old, all creatures held a fascination for him. His wonderful book, ‘Curious Creatures - Wondrous Waifs, My Life with Animals’ tells the story of his life and meeting some wonderful two-legged, four-legged, and in some cases, no-legged – creatures – all of which had an impact on his life. 

 In this section you can read all Ed’s poems, stories and articles.

Ed Kostro is a freelance writer. His work has appeared in Catholic Digest, ByLine Magazine, The Almanac for Farmers & City Folk, Pets: part of the family, PetLife, Cats, and Baku's 'Zine.

Ed's non-fiction animal memoir, 'Curious Creatures - Wondrous Waifs, My Life with Animals', depicting his 50-year love affair with all animals, has recently been published by PublishAmerica.com.  Oliver's Journey is also an excerpt from this book.

Ed currently resides in Illinois with his wife Rebecca, and several rescued dogs and cats, including three 'left behind' hurricane pets he recently brought home from the Gulf Coast.

Ed's book 'Through Katrina's Eyes: Poems from an Animal Rescuer's Soul' was chosen as the selected 'Book of the Month' (for August) of the North Shore Animal League, one of the largest 'no-kill' shelters in the world.

For every book purchased from Amazon through their website, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the League.

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“One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.”   
 Emily Dickinson

Almost a year has now passed

I’m still remembering their pain

So many of their lives and mine

Will never ever again be the same

This monster storm took far too much

From so many souls that most horrific day

May one like her never come stalking them again

May none of them ever again be so forgotten this way

Somewhere between 600,000 and One Million

Companion animals were abandoned in this hurricane

Slightly over 12,000 of them were eventually rescued

The rest lost in her howling winds and her devastating rain

Those surviving forced to somehow fend for themselves

And it was the haunted look in far too many of their eyes

That will live on in my mind for the rest of my natural days

That still makes so many of us who went there still want to cry

But I also have some extremely fond everlasting remembrances

Of extremely dedicated rescue volunteers from all over our planet

Who helped each other cope with the horrific images we all beheld

Renewing our vows to never take our earthly neighbours for granted

©2006, Mr. Ed

 The linked slideshow below

Was produced by my friends

At The Animal Ark Shelter

In Hastings, Minnesota


The terrified tiny white dog

Shown in the very last picture

Was found lying cuddled against

The dead body of its human owner

This dog suffered chemical burns

Over most of its emaciated body

But its emotional scars were far worse

And we can only attempt to imagine

What its human companion endured

May None of Us Ever Forget - Ever Again

That All Life on Our Planet is Truly Precious

And Renew our Compassion and our Kindness

Towards All of Our Many Diverse Earth Neighbours


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“Time spent with a Cat
is never wasted.” 

Miss SalsaThis family had lost everything
In the devastation of the hurricane
Now their days were extremely sad
Filled with darkness and with pain

 They were now staying with relatives
In a small town in southern Mississippi
At least they’d found their precious Miss Salsa
This old black cat had always filled them with glee

 Soon they decided that they would re-locate
To a northern city by the name of Chicago
They were now finally ready to begin their new lives
Until they unbelievably heard that Miss Salsa couldn’t go

 “We, the Government, will pay the bus fare,
For your family to now re-locate to Chicago;
But, we the Government, will not pay for a cat,
Therefore, your Little Miss Salsa simply can’t go.”

Luckily at about the same time this was happening
I was getting ready to drive back to the Windy City
My truck was already overflowing with numerous pets
But I very gladly found room for this adorable old kitty

And it seems that Little Miss Salsa loved to talk
So she gave me all sorts of back seat driver hell
Every time I got lost or made a wrong turn
So I think this old kitty cat is pretty darn swell

 And a very joyous reunion took place a few days later
Between this re-located family and their beloved cat
I’m sure old Miss Salsa will help ease their anxiety
As they start their new lives I’ve no doubt about that

 But when will our callous government finally learn
That pets are beloved members of so many families?
And when will our extremely slow moving government
Finally end all of this needless pain suffering and misery?

© Ed Kostro

Taken from ‘Through Katrina’s Eyes: Poems from an Animal Rescuer’s Soul

ISBN 1-59113-867-1

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“Animals are such agreeable friends;
They ask no questions,
They pass no criticisms.”  
 George Eliot 

This is the tale of a heroic male dog
And the tale of a frightened female cat
He has been protecting her with his life
There is absolutely no doubt about that

These two bonded ‘left behind’ animals
Were recently discovered in New Orleans
After having spent many months together
On desolate neighbourhood streets quite mean

This dog has been leading this tiny feline to food
He has been guarding her from dangers of all kind
He’s been her Knight in Furry Armour and her Hero
His charge is a very terrified creature - that is blind

It took the people who found these two bonded pets
A long time to convince this dog his charge was safe
He was willing to die defending his blind feline friend
And I wonder how many of us would have been as brave

It is not yet known by rescuers at this point in time
If this dog and this cat had lived with the same human
Or if this Knight in Furry Armour had actually adopted her
After finding her hiding in fear from packs of dogs and men

A national search effort has just now been initiated and launched
To find the owner or owners of these two incredible ‘left behinds’
Regardless of the outcome of this search they should remain together
This Heroic Knight in Furry Armour and His Tiny Sweet Maiden Blind

 ©2006, Ed Kostro

Sunday, February 12, 2006

In all my years of observing earth’s diverse creatures
I’ve found enormous compassion among its many animals
And I very sadly believe that they very often put us to shame

Yet we humans are supposed to be the caretakers of them all

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“God help the outcasts,
Hungry from birth;
Show them the mercy
they don't find on earth;
God help my people,
we look to you still;
God help the outcasts,
or nobody will.”  
 The Hunchback of Notre Dame,

Old TomIt was a bitterly cold and dark delta morning
Which truly matched my very sombre mood
I was in yet another devastated neighbourhood
Helping to distribute bags of dog and cat food

A sudden horrifyingly sad lament
Broke the eerie early morning calm
I looked down the dead deserted street
And saw him lying under a downed palm

He was very emaciated and terribly weak
This old tom cat had truly been left behind
As I sadly walked up to his dark hiding place
My heart broke when I saw that he was blind

It was evident that he had been attacked
By a pack of starving roaming canines
He had numerous bleeding body wounds
Life after Katrina for him had not been kind

I knelt down in the mud and dirt with him
And let this pathetic creature sniff my arm
Then I gently stroked his filthy bleeding fur
Trying to assure him that I meant him no harm

I also offered him some food and water
But he was too sick and he quickly declined
And I wondered how many others just like him
In the very dark days ahead that we would find

But old Tom seemed grateful for some company
He huddled closer to me with very faint painful cries
So I picked him up and I held him gently in my arms
And with one last heartbreaking sigh this old cat died

I buried this blind old creature
Beneath that uprooted palm tree
And this dark New Orleans morn
Was truly the saddest one yet for me

As I sombrely drove off in my old truck
My heart and my soul felt as dark as the night
And a feeling of remorse about modern morality
Filled my troubled thoughts with his kind’s plight

These days we seem to care very little
About other life forms on our planet
And I sadly mourn our loss of reverence
Since life should never be taken for granted

I also sadly know that many will haughtily proclaim
What’s the big deal – old Tom was just a cat not a man
But I believe that we have failed miserably as His caretakers
In God’s very ancient compassionately designed Creative Plan

©2006, Ed Kostro

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“Time spent with a cat, is never wasted.” Colette

grey ghostHer world now
Consisted of
And loneliness

Her world now
Deserted homes
And utter misery

She traveled at night
Always alone
Always leery
Ever vigilant

She had to be
Cruel men hunted her
As did wild packs
Of starving dogs

Her solitary path
Crossed mine
One dark eerie
New Orleans night

She froze in her tracks
I quickly froze in mine
She stared at me through haunted eyes
I stared back at her with worry and concern

She eventually sat down in the mud
Diligently studying me
I eventually sat down in the mud
Sadly observing her

Silence all around us
No street lights
No moonlight
No traffic noises

It was surreal
It was as if
This tiny grey ghost and I
Were the only beings in this city

She wondered
If she could trust me
I wondered
If she would ever trust anyone

Low snarls pierced the eerie night air
We both looked up the dark desolate street
Six very hungry dogs stood there watching us

She quickly made a decision
She had to
Her continued existence
Depended on it

She took a daring chance
And raced up to me
I quickly scooped her up
And placed her in my truck

We drove off together
This terrified grey ghost and I
As six salivating snarling dogs
Desperately rushed off
In search of another meal

One less emaciated ghost
Now haunts old New Orleans
A place today for former pets
That has turned so savagely mean

©2006, Ed Kostro




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A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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