“Time spent with a cat, is never wasted.” Colette

grey ghostHer world now
Consisted of
And loneliness

Her world now
Deserted homes
And utter misery

She traveled at night
Always alone
Always leery
Ever vigilant

She had to be
Cruel men hunted her
As did wild packs
Of starving dogs

Her solitary path
Crossed mine
One dark eerie
New Orleans night

She froze in her tracks
I quickly froze in mine
She stared at me through haunted eyes
I stared back at her with worry and concern

She eventually sat down in the mud
Diligently studying me
I eventually sat down in the mud
Sadly observing her

Silence all around us
No street lights
No moonlight
No traffic noises

It was surreal
It was as if
This tiny grey ghost and I
Were the only beings in this city

She wondered
If she could trust me
I wondered
If she would ever trust anyone

Low snarls pierced the eerie night air
We both looked up the dark desolate street
Six very hungry dogs stood there watching us

She quickly made a decision
She had to
Her continued existence
Depended on it

She took a daring chance
And raced up to me
I quickly scooped her up
And placed her in my truck

We drove off together
This terrified grey ghost and I
As six salivating snarling dogs
Desperately rushed off
In search of another meal

One less emaciated ghost
Now haunts old New Orleans
A place today for former pets
That has turned so savagely mean

©2006, Ed Kostro




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