There is an orange tabby, fluffy cat that lives across the street from us. I don't know its name, or even if it's a boy or girl, but I do enjoy watching this Morris look-alike as it lays peacefully on the porch or its lazily on the windowsill watching the world go by. This has got to be the most laid back cat I think I've ever seen. 

One afternoon, it came strolling up to my husband, Bill, and I, as we were getting out of the car. Our new furry friend followed us up to the front door, then turned back and plopped down in the middle of the street. Oblivious to the onslaught of traffic heading its way, the cat casually sprawled out, gracefully grooming itself, while we stood at the curb alerting the unsuspecting cars, fast approaching.

The next day, I found out we weren't the only ones with an unusual tabby tale to tell. Our youngest daughter, Katie, was coming home late from work and noticed a strange occurrence by the light of the full moon. She saw the same sweet feline, still as a statue on the lawn across the street. A closer peek revealed what it was that was holding the tabby's attention -- a tiny mouse scampering through the blades of grass within reach of possibly razor sharp, menacing claws.

Katie stood, silently observing, as this itty-bitty mouse flitted back and forth in an attempt to entice the kitty to play. Just when Katie was worried that this mini Mickey might become a midnight snack, the mouse did something totally unexpected. It stopped, looked up into the eyes of what is suppose to be his arch enemy and, reaching up on the tiniest of hind legs, he gave the cat what appeared to be a kiss on the nose.

With the light of the full moon brightening up the surrounding darkness, Katie continued to watch as the unlikely duo played an innocent and heartfelt game of cat and mouse -- not one of the violent variety. Back and forth they tenderly interacted as two old and very wise friends.

Listening to my daughter recount the experience, I got to wondering why it always shocks us when unusual acts of kindness go against the grain of what the world accepts as gospel. After all, aren't cats and mice supposed to act like the Tom and Jerrys of cartoon fame? Aren't we automatically conditioned to draw the line in the sand that our enemies dare not cross?

At first, Katie couldn't believe what she was seeing. But it wasn't a case of her eyes playing tricks on her. Somewhere beyond the gates of heaven, God's message of love from above was shining through, loud and clear. The cat and mouse enjoying a midnight dance together in the stillness of a moonlit night, under a star filled sky, answered the unending question: With love, aren't all things possible?

--Kathy Whirity


Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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