Dezi and RaenaDezi:MeeeeOW. Can you believe it’s October already? Has this year flown by for ya’ll as much as it has for us? Mommy says it seems just like yesterday that she took down the Christmas tree and here it is already time to drag it out again. She puts up a tree because we love watching the lights. This will be Raena’s first holiday season ever. We can’t wait to see how she reacts. Mommy wishes she could afford to make a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey or ham so Raena could have the whole holiday experience. Altho’ I did hear mommy talking with one of our friends the other day and saying how she kind of dreaded it. You see, sis Raena is full of energy and thinks the whole world is her personal oyster. If she can find a way to get in, on, or through something she will. And if she can’t, she finds a way to destroy it. You’ve heard of hurricane Katrina? Well let me tell you, hurricane Raena has almost demolished our apartment.

Raena:     Now sissy, I’s not that bad. Mommy’s never said I’s demolished the whole house. Those bathroom shelves were old and we need a new blanky. After all, doesn’t every newbie get a blanky of their own? And what’s this about turkey and ham?

Dezi: Yeah Raena, you just keep on telling yourself that. And nothing. Mommy says, you can’t miss what you’ve never had. So, if Raena never gets to taste a home cooked turkey or spiral sliced ham then she’ll never know what she’s missing.  

De\zi in the cat treeAnyways, while meowing amongst ourselves about this month’s article we thought we’d take you back to who we are, Service Cats. You know we’re listed in the menu as Service cats because we actually perform certain duties and tasks that help mommy remain independent and have a good quality life. With the loss of sis Lexi, mommy has to start all over and train a new kitty to help me help her. Of course that kitty is Raena. Me knows you’re all wondering how things are going and if she’s learning anything, aren’t you?

Raena:       I’s learning plenty, ain’t I sissy?

Dezi: Yes, Raena, you’re learning plenty alright, just not always what you’re supposed to learn. As most of you know, we have a blog called DezizWorld. Recently we started writing training posts every Monday. It’s what we’re calling, Service Cat Mondays. Anyways, the thing people forget is that Service Animals, whether cat, dog or other species, need to be well behaved and respond to simple commands as well as those specific tasks that will help their disabled handler. Since Raena is still really small mommy’s been working on training those simple commands along with massage.

Raena:       And I’s doing great sissy. I’s answer every time mommy calls me. I’s so good at doing that I even jumped out of the litter box mid…well…you know what, to answer her. She didn’t seem nearly as proud as I thought she’d have been, but she did grab me right up and love on me some.  

Dezi:Yeah Raena, that you did and that she did. And, you’ve learned to never do that again too, right?

Raena lays on the cat treeRaena: (blushing and looking embarrassed) Yeah sissy, I’s did. But other than that time and the time I was stuck, I’s doing really well. Mommy says so. And I’ve learned to turn the wheelchair off and on all by myself.

Dezi: Yes, Raena, you have. But sometimes you turn the wheelchair on and forget to turn it off too. That runs the battery down and you can’t be doing that. What if the batteries were to die when mommy’s sitting in the chair in the morning trying to fix our breakfast? Did you ever think about that?

Raena:       Oh my cats Dezi, No. I’s never thought about that at all. What would we do? I can’t fix brekky, can you?

Dezi:Nope Raena, we don’t have thumbs. So it’s really important for you to always remember to turn the wheelchair off when it’s not being used. And, since you’re still too small to learn to drive, especially by yourself, then you shouldn’t be turning it on without mommy anyways.

Raena:       I’s know sissy; it just looks like so much fun.

Dezi:It’s not about having fun Raena, it’s about helping mommy get around in the mornings when she can’t walk.

Raena:       But I’s thought those massages we give her in the morning was to make it so she could walk, sissy?

Dezi with a purple flowerDezi:They are Raena, but it’s not enough. We give mommy massages to warm up her muscles and get the blood flowing to her extremities, but until she takes her medicine and it “kicks in” she still can’t walk. So that’s why she needs the wheelchair. And while we’re on the subject, for all of you readers out there who would like to train your kitties to give you a massage, you can read our training post here (  ) for mommy’s tips.

Raena:     And please don’t declaw your kitties. Cats are able to detract their claws. Sis Dezi gives mommy’s tips in the training posts on our blog. Keep kitties’ claws trimmed and practice mommy’s tips and you and kitty will be purring in no time. And all our educational posts are written in human English and can be easily translated.

Raena with blue flowerDezi: Thanks Raena. We kitties need our claws. They serve a purpose and aren’t equivalent to a human fingernail in the least. We’re going to wrap it up now, but we want to ask all of you to send up a special prayer for Raena on October the 8th. She’ll be getting spayed that day. Altho’ a routine procedure, we feel better knowing that God’s overseeing the surgery. Wishing you a pawsome month.

Love and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle 

Deziz World Blog

A Cats Prayer

Lead me down all the right paths,
Keep me from fleas, bees, and baths.
Let me in should it storm,
Keep me safe, fed, and warm.


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