Casey (KC) the new chap has settled in very well. He spent the first two or three weeks before and after being neutered just lying in either a box he’d bagged in the dining room as his ‘cama del día’ (day bed) or lying in the bathroom – next to the radiator. He actually looked depressed and I wondered if he regretted his decision to move in with us. I opened the back door to show him that he could leave at any time he wanted but an even sadder look crossed his face.

He eats well; he has two, sometimes three, food pouches at each meal time whereas Sam and Ollie have half a pouch each and rarely ask for more until their next meal time. I can’t believe that Casey could be starving because here there is always food available at any time of the day or night.

When I took him to be neutered he was given a wormer at the same time. I thought this might bring to a halt his insatiable appetite but maybe he’s just settling in. I will keep an eye on things though in case something more sinister is going on.

During the day while I’m working on my computer, doing my various writing projects, Sam and Ollie are usually upstairs with me in the office, leaving Casey downstairs in his day bed or in the bathroom. But this morning I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes.

There was a lot of noise coming from the dining room. I wondered if David Attenborough was filming a section from a new series because it sounded like a herd of wildebeest were stampeding through on their way to the next watering hole. Quietly I crept downstairs regretting that my camera was on the dining room table while the batteries were being recharged. What did I see?

Casey, hovering over one of the many long neglected games the cats have had for years, had two front paws in one of the puzzle games where the cat has to push the ball around. He was prancing and dancing and having a wonderful time. I stood half behind the door frame so that he wouldn’t see me. But as he swung round he caught sight of me and paused, one paw in mid air, and a look of embarrassment swept across his face. “Uh oh, you caught me.” He immediately stopped what he was doing and walked to his food bowl in the kitchen and sat by it, with a nonchalant look now on his face.

It’s almost like he has spent these past few weeks watching us all, to see how we interact with each other, and to see what we all get up to before he joins in or does his own stuff.

He absolutely loves Lawrence, leaping onto his lap without being asked, kneading his thighs before turning round three times and with a blissfully happy look on his face (he has a very expressive face), he settles down to sleep.  

Although Ollie tolerates him well, (I often catch them kissing – nose to nose) I think he might be feeling a tad miffed that this young whippersnapper has had the temerity to join the Mews Team. Ollie has been the youngest cat for the past almost 11 years (he’ll be 11 in August); he and Sam have been together for that amount of time and although Sam, being deaf, is in his own private world and doesn’t know what’s going on most of the time, Ollie has been used to being my ‘baby’.

I make as much fuss of him as he will allow and he will still come and sit on my lap when I’m watching television or any time I sit down. I’ve been having a lot of rests recently on the sofa  during the day and Ollie always seems to know when I’m lying under the duvet because he arrives from out of nowhere and lies down the side of me from my left shoulder down to my hips – purring away – while I sleep.

I did wonder if financially I could afford to keep Casey – and the truth is that with the amount he eats my already limited budget is pushed to beyond breaking point, but I could no more give him up than fly to the moon without my knickers. (Erase that thought – it’ll give you nightmares!)

I love Sam and Ollie with all my heart and this little guy who chose us will be loved for as long as he chooses to remain with us – which I hope will be forever and ever.



Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)

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