Sara on the window sillWell, another eventful month in the Wiles’ household!!! Dad has been in hospital twice since I last caught up with you all!! So Auntie Jane has been keeping an eye on us. But no injuries to report this time, thank goodness

We’ve also got a pretty, though not as cute as me, grey pregnant cat hanging around trying to get Mam to feed her. It happens every time. Mam takes in one of the strays she feels sorry for, persuades Dad and then it must be like the jungle drums all these strange cats turn up with their soulful eyes begging to be fed. Half the time I think they belong to other villagers but know Mam is a soft touch so come here on the off-chance of getting an extra meal.

One of them, who we think might be Pete’s brother even has the audacity to run in when the door is open, as it often is for us to come and go as we please when the weather is mild, to try to steal our food.  Well cos we’ve known him a while we just let him. Then Dad throws ‘a wobbler’ and chases him, poor thing. No wonder he ended up in hospital! Dad, I mean, not Black Dougie! I think if Mam hadn’t already taken Jack in, this one that Dad’s called Black Dougie, would have got taken in instead.

Talking of food, which most cats seem to, the other day Dad decided he would fry himself what in Greece is called ‘boska’, but I think in England it’s called belly pork? The smell was driving us all crazy - nothing like real meat instead of tinned food is there? So him and Mam chase us out until they’ve eaten. Mind, Mam doesn’t eat meat, she’s one of those veggies, can’t understand it myself! So eventually they let us back in and Dad has saved us a few titbits, but I think ‘hold on’, bet they haven’t washed up yet so I sneak into the kitchen and lo and behold there’s the frying pan with all those gorgeous meat juices sitting on the stove, just cooled down enough for me to slurp!!!!  Boy, did Mam shout at me when she walked in about 5 minutes later. Then poor Dad got wrong for leaving it out. Ha Ha. The rest of them didn’t get any!

Sara has discovered a new way to stress the Parents, especially Mam. We have one bedroom which opens by a door onto the balcony and the other just has a window onto nothing. Last Autumn, Dad decided we needed more privacy to snooze peacefully in the garden without all the tourists gawking at us. So he fixed wires and a trellis for honeysuckle and jasmine to grow up. It’s hard to explain so Mam will put pictures up to illustrate it!!!

Of course at this time of year there isn’t much foliage just bare wire but Pete and I thought it would be a right laugh if we climbed across the trellis and sat on the window sill. Trouble is the window can’t be opened as the insect screen opens outwards so we would be sent flying if any one tried. Still we are good climbers; in fact, I just belly flop onto the wires then climb onto the balcony, no probs and Pete just jumps across!

Pete trying to save SaraUnfortunately, Sara is not so good. When she first discovered she could sit on the radiator in the living room to get warm, she couldn’t work out how to turn round, so she just reversed along it; it was so funny. Well, Mam sees her on this window sill and tries all ways to get her down, offering her tit bits, coaxing, all to no avail. But eventually after about 4 hours, and Dad saying ‘stop stressing,’ Mam noticed Sara was getting anxious to be down but couldn’t get up the courage to jump. Finally, she made a leap for it and landed with a belly flop on the metal railing of the balcony. Fortunately, Mam was there to catch her and pull her over. We do like to wind Mam up at least once a day.

Last bit of news, we’ve just had what the Greek’s call ‘Carneval’, which is basically an entertainment usually politically motivated with floats, singing, Greek dancing, eating and making merry before Lent then they can gorge on meat again come Easter. Although if you are Greek it means a lot to you, the Parents being British don’t get the political satire. They are, along with us of course, subjected to loud music from about 11 in the morning until 5 the next morning. This time it was even worse as someone was either setting off firecrackers every 5 minutes or firing a gun, which, I can tell you, spooked all of us. We didn’t venture too far that day. Mam doesn’t have any photos available at the moment but I’ll get her to include some next time, hopefully.

Well, tara for now as Mam and Dad, Geordies you see, would say. Might be a quieter month April, doubt that in our household!!!!

See ya



Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)