Let your feline friends have a go at this light-hearted quiz. There aren't any scores so you can't measure his or her aptitude, but it's all good fun!

 1  Your human walks into the kitchen. Does this mean?

a) It's hungry

b) It's lost

c) You're hungry

d) Let the begging begin

2  Your human puts down a bowl of food for you. Is this?

a) Supper

b) Something s/he obviously wouldn't eat

c) Something to keep you going till supper's ready

d) Inedible junk to be scorned in favour of what the humans eat

3  Your human removes you from the top of the television. Does this mean?

a) You're in trouble - better not do it again

b) Nothing - humans do this from time to time

c) The human wants to play, so climb up again to amuse it

d) It is time to chew on the cable wire again

4  Staircases are for:

a) Getting up to the human's bed at 4am

b) Lying in wait in the dark at the top of

c) Walking down just slower than the human in front of it

d) All of the above

5  Your human talks/yells at you. You should:

a) Listen intently, even if you don't understand

b) Meow in acknowledgement and continue what you were doing

c) Ignore him/her completely; you're a cat, they mean nothing

d) Move on to the next annoying activity to encourage their talking behaviour

6  Phone and electrical cords and strings from fabrics are:

a) Important to humans and should be left alone

b) Playthings and deserve your total attention; no matter what damage may result

c) Annoying and should be removed immediately

7  Birds, small rodents and large bugs should be:

a) Ignored (especially if your human wants them removed)

b) Played with until they stop playing

c) Presented to your human as a proud trophy

d) Hidden under your human's pillow for safe keeping

e) Consumed for their nutritional value

8  A human giving you a bath should be considered:

a) Under no circumstances

b) Under no circumstances

c) Under no circumstances

d) An act of war

e) All of the above

9  Your human's value is limited to:

a) Providing food

b) Providing water

c) Letting you out

d) Providing opposite-gender feline companionship

e) Leaving you alone

f) All of the above; if properly trained

source unknown

contributed by Mary Light, Kent, UK


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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