Does my bum look bigIt’s been a while since I last wrote, but as most of you know when trying to shift those pesky pounds, it can be a slow, long, laborious business. Mum took me to see the Stick Lady, Betrice, a few weeks ago.  She weighed me and said I’d lost 300 grams – whatever that might be.  Betrice hoped that I might have lost more than that, but I kept trying to show her how ferociously fluffy I am and tell her what incredibly big bones I have.  She was having none of it, I can tell you.

Coincidentally, Denver’s Mum, Helen, wrote to tell Mum, that he’d had a check up at his Fit Pet Club and he’d gained 300 grams.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I accidentally gave Denver my 300 grams?? If you remember, Denver reached his target weight a while back, so you see how easy it is to slide back. 

Actually, as neither Denver nor I know what 300 grams looks like, we have no idea where it went or how it came back. And Denver and I are very alike in looks.  Have you noticed that? Perhaps Mackerel Tabby Cats like us are prone to keeping their weight on – because of our extreme fluffiness - but the Stick Ladies that run the Fit Pet Clubs don’t tell you that, do they?

While I was on holiday, I was only fed twice a day and I was a shadow of my former self when I returned home.  Mum was amazed and astonished and upset to see how thin I was.  Gibbs, on the other paw, had porked out considerably in those four weeks that I spent in the hotel. I think he was eating for two, comfort eating, because he missed me.

All I know is that 300 grams seems to be the magic number because both Denver and me are stuck on it.  One thing that has changed since I came back from holiday is that I seem to like playing a bit more.  Mum bought some stinky catnip sardines from The Cat Gallery and I really love those.  You can see my review of them here.  Playing helps apparently.  Mum throws a stinky sardine up and down the hallway and I run after it.  Running isn’t something I would normally engage in so it’s a novelty at the moment.  Sometimes, she’ll throw it up in the air a bit and I leap up to catch it.  This is something I’ve NEVER done before, and even if I blow my own trumpet a bit here, I am quite good at it!  I’ll jump up high even if I don’t need to.  Mum always smiles when I do that.  I think it shows off my fluffiness even more and my athletic prowess which neither of us knew I possessed.

The trouble is she can’t take any photos of me up in the air because she’s throwing the stinky sardine, so I haven’t got any evidence to show you how high I can jump.  But trust me, it’s high.  I nearly get a nosebleed at that altitude.

Hopefully, the next time I write, I will have lost more of those grams or pounds things. As I have no idea what they are, though, I can’t say for certain that I’ll be successful.  Weight loss is bone of contention for many people, and as I’ve already told you – I do have rather big bones.

Till the next time

Casey – the aerobatic astronautical cat who can reach astronomical heights in the hallway! 



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