1 stinky sardine is all we have leftA ‘strordinary thing happened the other day.  Fed up with nearly losing our toys up the monster gobbler, Mum bought two little boxes and popped some of our toys into one, which she left in the dining room for us, and the other box went into the front room with other toys in.  A few days after getting these boxes, she came downstairs one morning and happened to look into the toy box in the dining room.  It was full of wee.  She didn’t know which one of us would do a thing like that, so she just carefully carried the box (which is plastic) with the soggy weed-upon toys over to the sink in the kitchen.  Then she put on some rubber gloves and picked out all the toys which were wet and put them into a bag and put them in the bin.  That was all of our toys, including the new catnip stinky sardines that she only bought a few weeks ago.

She was miffed.  Now, I don’t know what miffed means and I can’t pretend to tell you why she was miffed but then she waited.  She knew the phantom pee-puss would probably strike again because the plastic box in the front room would possibly be too tempting to ignore.

She didn’t have too long to wait. Sure enough, while she was sitting there watching a World Cup football game, Casey came into the front room and started to hover over the box with our toys in.  Mum rushed over to the box and managed to rescue it before Casey had done his stuff.  He looked astonished.  Surely, these boxes were purely for his own personal use? Mum didn’t say anything to Casey, but he ran out through the cat flap and did his wee in the garden.

Now we’ve got hardly any toys left. Before Mum gets the monster gobbler out, she has to pick the few up that we do have, to make sure the monster gobbler doesn’t eat them.  I can’t believe Casey would do such a thing, to be honest with you.  I know he doesn’t like playing with toys as much as I do, but to wee upon them? Isn’t that taking things a bit too far?

As for Mum being miffed, I don’t think she stayed that way for too long.  She was surprised, as I was, but Casey was none the wiser – at either Mum being miffed or me being surprised.  But, I think you’ll agree, it was a ‘strordinary thing to have done – all over our new toys.  

Till the next time

Gibbs xxx



Dogs Come when Called

"Dogs come when called. Cats take a message and get back to you."

"Of course, every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room."

Edward Verrall Luca (essayist)