IndySpringing into summer is an amazing time for someone who is trying to lose weight. Whether you are a human being trying to look good in that summer outfit or a kitty cat wanting to walk through the kitchen without gasping for air, spring time provides good motivation to get in shape for summer. Last month I set my 10 weight loss goals for spring. Items that I planned on focussing on in order to reach my goal of losing weight. Let me update you all on my progress thus far. Granted, it has only been a month, but a month for a cat is like 6 human months. Please find below my original 10 weight loss goals followed by an update.

* GOAL: I will wake up thirty minutes early every day and spend that time stretching. 

UPDATE: I've been getting up before anyone else. I have this doggy puppet that I like to take for a walk through the house early in the morning. I sing to it while I walk it.

* GOAL: lI will use the downstairs little box more (unless I really have to go then I will use the closest one).

UPDATE: It has been warmer than usual here so I have been spending more time in the basement where it is cooler. I forgot how much I enjoyed it down there. Have not found the little box though.

Indy* GOAL: I will attempt to chase my brothers more instead of being the one chased.

UPDATE: This is fun. I've tried it a couple of times already and I think I like it. My brothers do not like being chased especially when they are trying to eat.

* GOAL: I will climb onto the furniture, if I can.

UPDATE: With the warmer weather comes the windows being opened more. I like climbing on top the organ to look out the window and sit in the sun.

* GOAL: I will go outside in hunt of organic catnip.

UPDATE: I forgot that I'm not allowed to go outside. One of my humans has been bringing me some fresh clippings of Crack For Kitty Catnip.

* GOAL: I will try to climb a tree (a small one, I wouldn't want to have to be rescued by a fire fighter).

UPDATE: Since I cannot go outside, does climbing the organ count?

*GOAL: I will chase a small animal such as a rabbit or a field mouse.

UPDATE: I do not have to go outside to find something to chase. I found a stink bug on the window ledge, yum.

* GOAL: I will go in search of juicy bugs and insects.

UPDATE: See Previous Goal.   Still enjoying that stink bug.

*GOAL: I will run through the grass wearing nothing more than my fur coat.

UPDATE: Again, cannot go outside. I have been running through the carpet though.

* GOAL: I will stick my head out the car window every time my humans take me for my quarterly weigh in at the vet’s office.

UPDATE: I think I heard that I will be going to the vet next week. I will try this one then.

That is all for now. As you can see, some of my goals I have been working on while others will have to be modified. Hey, at least I have goals.

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