Teddy_Murphy1.  I will try and get along with Teddy (they call him my brother - not sure if I have seen a 3 foot cat that barks a lot) - anyway I will try at least for the first 2 minutes each morning.

2.  I will try and let the woman of the house to have a lie in at the weekend - so I won't get her up until 6:30am - unless of course I'm desperate and then it will be 5:15am.
3.  I will try to not bolt my food down and be sick everywhere - that or I'll try and get to the areas on the floor where it is easy to clean.
4.  I will try and come straight in when I'm called - not sit staring at them with all the doors open waiting until I'm ready to come in.
Timmy_Murphy5.  I will try and leave the birds alone this spring - mind you if my brother is up for it, and I'm on friendlier terms we could have a great game with the buggers!

Timmy Murphy





EDITOR'S NOTE: Sadly Timmy had to be put to sleep in July 2008 and earlier this year, Teddy wrote to me because he wanted to say something on his own behalf:
My brother (by a different mother) is no longer with me.  My mum is sad and I know that he is watching over us, so I have to carry on his work.  It’s very hard trying to sneak up on the birds, I am bigger than Timmy (about 3 foot bigger).  I am certainly not that light on my paws and although I can leap, chasing them is hard work. 

Then there's the resolution about allowing the lady of the house to have a lie in - well that's ok unless of course I am desperate - then she has to get up.  Obviously I can't just be let out into the garden to dig a hole (by the time I've finished it looks like an excavator’s been in to dig the hole), so I have to be walked. 
But there is one thing that I do miss and that's my brother Timmy; however, there is one thing I can give our mum and that is continuing the love that she gave Timmy and she still gives me. 
I don't meow and I don't purr; I only bark and howl.  I can't sit on her lap or rub and curl myself around her legs; I can curl round her feet and sit still for her to hug me. 
So to Timmy's fellow mates I will try to carry on his resolutions........ I don't think the pigeon has seen me so I must be off as my luck might be in!

In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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