BaileyBaileyBailey greeted Lawrence and I one evening as we parked the car in the carpark of a beautiful restaurant, The Waterwheel Inn, just a short drive from where we were staying near St Austell.  I was struck by how much he resembled my lovely old cat, Garfield.  And just like Garfield, he was very friendly, and ready for a belly rub and a good scritchety scratch behind his ears.

At 11 years of age, he was the outside meeter and greeter for visitors to the restaurant, while inside, a 4-year-old black retriever called 'Kernow' which is Cornish for Cornwall, kept an eye - when he wasn't sleeping, that is - on all the diners as they ate. 

If you'd like to know more about the Waterwheel Inn click on the link:

Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens