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Becky, US

(to the tune of Where, oh where, has my doggie gone?)


Ed Kostro, US

“I really hope that Spring gets here soon…”

“Me, too…”

Rose Varga

‘Ok, now I know I am in the dog house they sent me a kitten!’

‘Now if I can only get my ears like doggie I will be assumed to be a dog, right?’

‘Ok, so that l’il raid in the fridge just got us banned from home… at least we are together big fella.’

‘I got me some Doggie...!!!!!’

Matt DeLuca

"Well, we may be homeless right now, but at least we have this sturdy building to keep us warm and safe. And we have those nice people come by, who feed us and give us water every day. We may not have it all together, but as long as we're together, we have it all!"

Andrew Lane, Southampton, UK

"OK, so maybe the holdup at the butcher's wasn't such a good idea - but we're sure to get remission for looking cute!" WINNING ENTRY!

"Cat's honour - if I squeeze through I'll come back and get you out!"

"I know they call it puppy love, but for me it's a forever thing."

"OK - next one that comes along, you look appealing and keep them talking while I go for the shopping basket!"


Five Good Reasons for Having Your Cat Neutered

  • Reduces fighting, injury and noise
  • Reduces spraying and smelling
  • Much less likely to wander and get lost
  • Safer from diseases like feline AIDS, mammary tumours and feline leukaemia
  • Reduces the number of unwanted kittens

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