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by 25th March 2016

Becky, US

“Help! my mouse can't freeze up again!”

Jamaka, US

“Come into my paws, mousie dear!”

“Get in my belleh, hors d'oeuvre!”

“Appetizers from on high!”

“Mmmmmmm - dark chocolate mous(s)e - my favourite! (And of course we know never to give chocolate to cats as it is not good for them!)

Gollum Kitteh seh:   “I like my dinner warm and wriggling!” 

Jim Willis, US

“I'm not impressed. The last one I saw flying was this big and wearing a cape!”  WINNING ENTRY!!! 

Andrew Lane, UK

"Oh dear, I think Mummy's over-wound my toy!"

"Training for the mouse Olympics was going well, and trainer Felix clapped his paws in delight."

Carol Lake, Stafford, UK

'Manna from heaven!'





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Stephen Baker

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