Hi Everyone and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it.  Hope you all had a lovely time.

Well, Christmas isn’t that far away now and we here, at the Daily Mews office, are girding ourselves up in readiness for Santa Paws visit.  Casey has been selecting which of his catnip toys Santa might like to play with while he’s dropping by and suggests that instead of a saucer of milk and a cookie that we leave out some catnip juice and a tin of tuna for a change.  What are your thoughts on that? Do you think Santa Paws would like that?

Casey has been joining me on the sofa each afternoon to watch the plethora of Christmas movies that are showing.  Who knew that so many had been made! But we enjoy them and the rest and relaxation do us both good.




Ellen Pilch is lucky enough to have an understanding husband and a houseful of cats!  Not everyone has that good fortune.  Here’s the latest in Ellen’s journey of how she came by so many cats:

Life with 15 cats – part 10 – Mew and Brina


Debbie Spencer has written another book in the Monty and his Amazing Adventures series. Ideal as a Christmas stocking filler, this is aimed at young children, early readers but people of all ages that love cats will enjoy this lovely story.

Monty and his amazing adventures at Christmas


My thanks to those who took part in the last book quiz; congratulations to Jared in Belgium who just pipped Ellen in the US to first place.

The answers can be seen here on this link:

Book Quiz – November 2015

And for this month’s book quiz:

Book Quiz – December 2015

Please send your answers to pauline@thedailymews.com by 20th December.  Thank you.


Congratulations to Jacelle Brinkmeyer in the US on her winning caption. For a full list of all the captions, please head over to:

Caption Competition 52

My thanks to Matt Deluca for sending me this next picture for the caption competition.

Caption Competition 53

Please send your captions by 20th December to pauline@thedailymews.com  Thank you.


I’m always grateful to have other writers air their views on here, and my dear friend, Neil McIntosh, who is a vet in Paisley, Scotland, often writes about the patients he treats. This one is about Toby, a cat with appalling injuries.


I’m sure this could happen to anyone, but it is important that when you buy the spot-on flea treatment for your cat, you make sure you don’t accidentally get the one for dogs. This is Cheeky’s story:


Suzie from www.HomeoAnimal.com has written a good article about how to help your new cat or kitten adapt when you bring him home.

How do I get my kitten to not be afraid of me?

Over to you guys now – please write and tell me how you helped your new cat adapt to his or her new surroundings, how they fitted in with other cats, or other pets.  I’d love to hear how you did it.


Just go to the Home page, scroll down a little way and you’ll see my front page message: Is it time to rethink Christmas?


Here’s the first of the Christmas adverts that we’re seeing on our television screens:

Mog’s Christmas

Earla Hollon in the US sent me this link of two children singing ‘You Raise Me Up’.  It’s so good it gave me goosebumps:

You raise me up

Robert Blau in the US sent me the following link:

Unlikely friendships



After last month’s terrifying story of Moet falling off a balcony, this month’s article is more laid back – in more ways than one.  Moet writes on the joys of being brushed.

A brush a day …


I do hope you’re loving Carol Lake’s rather irreverent look at ‘posh people’ in Toff Cat. Where she draws her characters from, I have no idea, but she tells me that she is inspired by people around her!

Mrs Clarissa Snottingham Periwinkle

Night of the Film Stars

Mr Bumblehole, the gardener

The Womble Fart, the Anal Squeaker and the Boring Bonker

And that just about wraps up this issue for now.  Hopefully you’ll have a bumper issue to read and enjoy over the Christmas period.  Remember, I always value your feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

Take care, and until the next time,


Pauline – Editor in Chief

Casey – Right Pawed Assistant and Christmas Movie Buddy 

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