SandyI am Sandy the cat, and the rats better fear,
They'll never steal grain as long as I'm here.
I'm here every day, and I'm here every night;
I wait in the shadows, the dark and the light.

The chickens all cluck, and the chickens all feed.
The rats are attracted, consumed by their greed,
Thinking of naught, but of what they can steal,
Just let them come closer.  My claws they will feel.  

chickensI stack them all up, every night before dawn, 
And lay them all out, on the dew covered lawn.
When the colonel comes out for the start of the day, 
He sees I have kept one more problem away. 

chickensThe day follows night, and the night follows day.
The rats always try, but at my post I stay, 
Bringing death to the rats, and the hens get the grain.
Tomorrow will come.  It is always the same.


By Jared Kline (Belgium) Colonel, US Army Signal Corps Retired


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