A Cat Called Hope 

A Cat Called Hope Returns

A Cat Called Hope - The Final Chapter

By Oliver Clarke

A cat called Hope A cat named Marx is the hero of this series. Book one starts off with descriptions of his life, his people, their names and other little insights into their personalities. Then one day a fire changes his life forever as he becomes a hero cat first to a little girl and then her mother who hides him in their house (away from an abusive husband in the house). Eventually, Marx who has never been outside alone is again forced outside, this time for his own safety because the abusive husband hates cats (and pretty much everything else).

In book 2 Marx is on his own and racing to find the little girl and her mother. He is convinced that he is the only who can save the little girl who had been so nice to him after he escaped the fire.  He believes the father is going to do something terrible to her.

Throughout the three books the anxiety and excitement of Marx's adventures don't let up as he races to escape the abusive husband and tries to rescue  the women who are threatened by him.

In the 3rd book the abusive father sets his sights on catching and harming or killing the little ginger cat that, he now believes, is responsible for all of his troubles.

Though this may sound like a child's tale, I'm not sure I'd recommend it for kids under 15 or 16 because of the descriptions of some of the violence and one small reference to a sexual encounter in the third book. 

The author is apparently working on another in the series and has advised his readers to stay tuned.  If he does write a fourth sequel I think I'd have to read it.

My thanks to Linda Gavitt for her review.

Published by Bastion books, this series can be found on Amazon Kindle






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