The other day a wonderful thing happened for Gibbs and I.  We were in the front room just chilling and Mum put the television on.  Then she fiddled about for a while and all of a sudden the television had come alive with birds chirping, and fish swimming and little furry things squeaking.  Well, naturally, our ears pricked up and we were in the zone.  We watched as little birds hung on to feeders getting the nuts out, and then there were furry mice running up and down their cages, inside and out, and other creatures all over the place.  Then fish were swimming about from one side of our telly to the other.  It was really good.

Some time ago, Mum got some stuff from The Cat Gallery and Peter, (the man who runs it) popped a DVD in for us.  Mum had lost the remote to the Blu Ray player and when she found it, she couldn’t remember how it worked.  We had to wait for Dad to come over and show her how to do it again, otherwise we would have watched it ages ago, she told us.

Casey watching DVDWe both really liked the film.  It lasts for a whole hour so you could – if you were busy doing other things (like preparing gourmet dinners for your furry beloveds, for example) – put it on for your cats to enjoy by themselves.  But Mum sat on the stool next to the television and pointed out different things to us in case we hadn’t noticed.

“Look at the little birdies, Casey.”

Gibbs watching DVD“Look, Gibbs, look at the little mice.”

We got the picture – literally – but it was kind (I suppose) of her to stay with us to make sure we were enjoying ourselves.  Gibbs tried to grab one of the mice when it came near him and then he wondered why he had empty paws.  I did laugh.  So did Mum.

We both give it five paws of approval.     

Feline Frolics: TV fun for your furry feline friend is available from

Note from Mum: The cover of the dvd says: ‘Your cat will enjoy …..

·        Exciting visual games

·        Stimulating images of birds, fish, insects

·        Warm, comforting visuals of fellow furry felines

·        Audio tracks geared toward your cat’s hearing range  ‘


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