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Gorgeous CaseyRemember I told you that I took Mum and ‘Dad’ to the vets on Easter Monday? Well, before I hoicked up that massive hairball, I’d been sick a few times – not every day, you understand, but every few weeks.  Mum is sufficiently clued up about these things and she had a little tub of Logic® Ease Ball Hairball Relief for Cats in the cupboard.  She tried to give me one by hand.  I sniffed her hand and walked away.  As a stray cat with emotional issues, especially where people are concerned, I have problems with intimacy – even though I love this human Mum beyond words. But she’s a sassy lady and she put the little soft chew in my dish of food and covered it over so I wouldn’t notice it.  Naturally, I ate it without realising it. 

Gibbs, not wanting to be left out if there are any treats going, told Mum he wanted whatever it was that she gave me.  Now, it’s really weird, because Gibbs does have some serious issues – but he just ate that little chew right off Mum’s hand.  He licked his lips and hoped he’d get another one.  But Mum only gave them to us every now and then, and especially after I’d been sick.

Logic® EaseBall for CatsThe Logic® EaseBall is a tasty salmon flavoured soft chew which helps to minimise hairballs and their symptoms.  They contain natural fish oils which lubricates the digestive tract and enhances the passage of fur through the gut.  This reduces the occurrence of hairballs and can contribute to a healthy, shiny coat.

In case you didn’t know, hairballs develop as a result of a cat’s healthy and fastidious grooming routine.  When we cats groom ourselves, any loose and dead hairs are swallowed.  The majority of this hair passes all the way down through the digestive tract with no problems.  If, occasionally, some hair stays in the stomach, it can form a hairball, which can be very distressing for us cats, and for the human who happens to be in the vicinity when we start ack-ack-acking.  That’s what happened to me and the ginormous hairball I deposited on the carpet. It was so large that Mum thought I’d brought up an entire mouse or even a small rat. 

After that, I went off my food a bit.  As you know, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m slightly ‘overly fluffy’ around my middle bits, but Mum was very concerned when I kept walking away from my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

That’s why we went to the vets on Easter Monday.  Usually, when I go in my basket, I get quite upset and sometimes a large and very stinky poo pops out unexpectedly on both the journey there and back home again.  The vet has, in the past, taken my poo (thinking it was a present – and who am I to disappoint him?), and disposed of it somewhere which is very kind of him.  And for Mum, well, she has to deal with my going home poo once we’ve arrived back home and then she has to wash my blankets that are in my basket.

Feliway® Spray A ‘strordinary thing happened this time though.  I didn’t poo – either on the way to the vets or on the way home again.  You obviously want to know why?  Well, the same people that sent Mum the hairball stuff, sent Mum some Feliway®.  She sprayed the inside of my carrier a few minutes before I got into it and although it’s a wire basket with square holes in it, the Feliway® stayed on my blankets and on the bars of the basket.  Something happened to me once Mum put me in the basket.  I can’t explain it other than to say, I felt chilled out and relaxed.    I didn’t cry at all on the journey to the vets and I didn’t poo either.     Of course, once at the vets and we saw that smelly subspecies, d-o-g, everywhere, then I just had to let them know that Casey was in the building and I started singing my heart out.

So, what does Feliway® do?  Mum read out what it says on the box to me and I’m ‘splaining it to you to so that you know.  It says on the instructions inside the box that Feliway® is a product range for comforting cats when they are exposed to changes in their environment and stressful situations.  Well, going to the vets is one of the most stressful situations a cat can find himself in. (Let me hear you say ‘MIAOW!’)  Feliway® provides comfort and helps to prevent and stop cats from leaving negative marks in the home (by this, they mean ‘inappropriate spraying and urine marking’).

If you want more information about Feliway®, they have a website with lots of helpful knowledge, visual tools and advice from experts.


For more information on the products the very nice people from Logic® for Pets sent Mum, and their full range, go to their website:


I hope you’ve found this review helpful.

Love Casey xxx

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