LeoUp through the window
Along the work top
A slide down the cupboard door,
A dance through the kitchen
I'm home mum and dad, announced with a tiny roar

"Guess where I've been, guess what I saw,"
A tale of your day as you dance over our freshly cleaned floor
Up on our laps with your tail full of joy
An eye squint hello as you start to groom,
"that wasn't me that dirtied your room."

 Lap to lap and chair to chair, your coat now clean once more
We look at each other and raise a smile, it's your turn to clean the floor
LuccaYou finally decide, the recliner it is
"It's here I will snooze for a time"
"And while I'm asleep could you clean the floor..........you know how I like it to shine"

Down on my knees, "your a cheeky sod" I say as I clean the floor
The kitchen top and the cupboard door wiped,
Clean of little muddy paws.

Andrew de Burca Wyle – in memory of Lucca and Leo



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