Ethel has Passed Away

EthelIt is with great sadness that we have to announce that on 27th August Ethel was put to sleep. Our decision was made in conjunction with veterinary professionals who identified that a sudden health deterioration was due to an inoperable tumour.

We are all very sad, but are also happy in the knowledge that she had a very long and healthy life and that we keep with us many special memories of our times together.

I had to capture some thoughts and memories on paper.  Please find below what I wrote on the day she passed away.

That same evening, I felt compelled to marry these words with some fitting images from Ethel's time with us.  You can find it here:

Ethel: An Elegy to a Truly Special Companion 1996 - 2017

It's a celebration of her life in words and pictures.

Elegy to Ethel, a Truly Special Companion 

EthelOur relationship began at the RSPCA in 1998

You were the smallest of four

But you looked so sweet curled up

And when you showed us your toilet training skills

We had to have you!

You came home with Geoffrey

A big "sausage" of a cat

And you became the best of friends

You fought him (for fun) and always won

You were a little minx in the early years!

We remember the time you stole a whole poussin from the kitchen!

And the day you and Geoffrey dragged a dead squirrel through the cat flap!

Sensible birds gave our garden a wide berth

And yet you were terrified of black plastic bags

Who knows what horrors you endured in your first two years?

You lived much of your life in Geoffrey's shadow

You followed him around and let him do the talking

But you were also your own girl

You stood up for your territory with neighbouring cats

And when you showed affection to us, our hearts melted.

All through your life you loved a good nap

In Cat Olympics you'd have been a gold medal sleeper

Your days passed so quickly, snoozing gently in the greenhouse

No wonder you used to wake us so early in the morning!

But we loved your company and we're missing it already.

When Geoffrey passed away in 2014

You strode out of his shadow and kept us all going.

Top Cat, and a glamorous Senior Kittizen

You took centre stage in Newsletters and latterly on YouTube

We're so glad we were able to capture your special moments.

You were the "least unwell" cat we've ever known

Yes, you scratched an eye and needed special treatment

And you broke a "toe" in a mysterious outdoor accident

But you lived a long, happy and healthy life

And we are honoured to have enjoyed your company for so long.

Ethel, did you understand how much our customers loved you?

They couldn't believe you were such an old cat.

You looked so good in photos and your videos were much liked

"How can a 21-year-old cat be so spritely and enjoy toys like Da Bird' they said.

But we sensed you were tiring, and today we had to let you go.

So farewell dearest Ethel

The silence at home without you is deafening

But memories of the good times we shared and

The sound of your purr and the gentleness of your nose rubs

Will remind us forever of a truly special companion.

And Finally ….

EthelPlease be assured that although we are sad at her passing, Ethel was a very old cat who enjoyed the life of Riley at all times.

We have so many happy memories of her and being able to share some of them with you is a great comfort.

Peter and Alison

One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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