Every Cat is Unique

Of that there is No Doubt

Each with their own Personality

To say what they're about!


After I lost my beloved Sweetums having shared Purrs and Love for 19 years ~ My Heart Shattered and part of me Died as She left me ~

I heard her last Purrs and final Heartbeats as my own heart was breaking. That was on Halloween 2007.

I considered having NO more Cats! Just me and my Pomeranian & Arabian horse. But as Friends said to me... 'Cat, Can you imagine a home with no Meows?' I knew they were right but the idea of another Cat in my arms was an idea that hurt too much ...

December 13th: Phone call from Persian Breeder (#13 = My Fave Number!)

She said she had a litter of 3 Black Male, Black Female (sold) and......

A BLACK SMOKE FEMALE  (I did NOT want a Male!)

Black Smoke has been my favorite but I never was lucky enough to breed one or buy one...

When she told me how high up in the mountains she lived, far from me... My heart sank because I did not want to drive that far and that high up....

She then said:

'I have NO problem bringing her to Boulder!'

December 16th...

AshAvAri Arrived!

AshAvAri is a STAR Name

(My own & a REAL STAR in our Galaxy, Named for me when a friend bought a star from the Cheon org...)

Her full name is: AshAvAri Ashanti of Atlantis. A lot to live up to! And....she has! At 4 months old she WON an online Cat Beauty Contest over hundreds of entries! I was shocked!

She is a pure Extrovert - Brave - Bold! NO fear resides in her at all! She meets & greets all Visitors!

She adored the Pomeranian and would jump all over Cowboy, but he wanted NO part of that!  Only has Paws for Me

I soon noticed her ‘Oddity!' SHE HAS A PHONE FETISH!

As soon as I take the Phone from the Cradle and place it on the bed as I watch TV she immediately jumps up and pulls it to her, covets it,  and goes to sleep ON it!

At times I can hear her Stomach Ringing and I have to gently pull it out from under her.....

IF she cannot have the phone her next object of love is THE REMOTE. I call this a Plastica--Mania!

She has another odd habit that NO other Cat in my life has ever had - SHE IS A LICKER!

She will Lick (Groom?) on my hand up to the shoulder IF I do not stop her! Non Stop!

She will lick my nose if I lower my head near her face....

I know that Dogs lick on their person

But... a CAT?

Would enjoy hearing from anyone who relates to any part of this story.

All Photos can be seen at my site:

(Have tissues at hand for page 3)


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Lady Cat, Colorado, US


In the Middle of a World...

"In the middle of a world that has always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence."

Roseanne Anderson

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