There are advantages to being a catHi everyone, Denver here.

Since commencing my duty as Office Supurrvisor for my Mum's job hunting, things have been pretty quiet. Mum is tearing her fur out over job applications but she's dedicated - over 60 applications now. I keep on dashing out, then coming back to make sure she is still working hard at it. 

Anyway, today started pretty much the same, I woke Mum up for breakfast (amazing how quickly a human can move if you walk heavily over them, purr loudly and stick your bottom in their face). Went out, came back and checked on Mum, then went off to snooze. Next thing I know, Mum is in the room and - oh nooooo! - The PTU* is in her hand, and before you know it, we're off to You Know Where for my 6 monthly health check. 

I get this free of charge every 6 months as Mum pays a special "Care Club" fee every month, it spreads the cost of my routine medicine plus my annual booster injections (not needed this time, thank goodness). I'll say this for the Nurses at my practice - they are very nice and always give me a cuddle, but that doesn't make having your eyes, ears, claws and teeth checked any easier. Then I had my weigh in - oh dear, I have gained and there followed a long discussion, I think it means that Mum has to give me less food (again).

Something about "blood pressure". This is a new check for us cats apparently, and it was really strange. They smeared some really, really cold gel on my leg (brrrr), put the turniqu.....torniq........(ok, we'll call it a really, really tight collar) around my leg and pumped it full of air! It became really really extra tight (think of a bear giving your leg a really loving hug) and felt really strange, I could hear a funny boom boom noise on the machine, and Mum said that was my heart beating! I'm surprised it wasn't trying to escape at that point. Anyway, the test was "normal", and everyone was really pleased.

Then - hurray - the PTU reappeared and I wasted no time in getting in. After another quick chat, to my horror I had to come out again - Mum and the Nurse had decided I needed a worm tablet, so I had to take that too (guess it's partly my fault, I hate taking pills in food and always eat around them). This time, I was able to get back into the PTU and go home to try and forget what a nightmare I have just had. 

I'd better close now - Mum wants her laptop back for yet more job hunting!

Take care, love and nuzzles


*PTU – Prisoner Transport Unit

A Morning Kiss

A morning kiss, a discreet touch of his nose landing somewhere on the middle of my face.
Because his long white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing.

Janet F Faure