1. I won't hiss at Santa Claus!  :o)

2. I will not climb the Christmas tree or play with the ornaments.

3. I will not drink water from the base of the Christmas tree.

4. I will not vomit on carpets, beds or other hard to clean surfaces.

5. I will not bring home live "presents" for my "staff".

6. I will be affectionate, let my owners cuddle me and call me silly names.

7. I won't fight with my fellow pussies (We're all guilty of this at times).


1. I won't chew all the appliance cords.

2. I won't open kitchen cabinets and go inside. 

3. I won't chase flies or run after every noise in the middle of the night.

4. I won't climb my Mommy's good leather coat.   (Oh yes, I DID!)

5. I won't jump on bare bums at inopportune moments. (Don't Ask!)

A Cats Purr

"Cats make one of the most satisfying sounds in the world: they purr ...

A purring cat is a form of high praise, like a gold star on a test paper. It is reinforcement of something we would all like to believe about ourselves - that we are nice."

Roger A Caras

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