Casey with his cotton catnip mouseHi everyone

This is the first time since I’ve moved into the Daily Mews house that I’ve put paw to keyboard to write about a product. But here goes:

A lady called Felicity Olson that Mum Mews met on Twitter (I thought that’s what birdies did but apparently it’s a social media site, whatever that might be) can make cat nip toys out of felt and other fabrics. She kindly made me a mouse in each: so I have one felt mouse and one cotton mouse – both stuffed to the gills with cat nip.

If you haven’t discovered the wonderful power of catnip then you haven’t lived. Do ask your human to either plant you an entire meadow of the stuff, or if they can’t run to that, get them to plant some in a tub so that you can go out and sniff it any time you like.

Casey with catnip mouseAnyway, I digress: Felicity has made these lovely catnip mice for me to play with and I think they’re jolly good fun. She will make them for you in any colour you specify or just random if you don’t know what colour you want. She’ll make them in felt or in cotton – again, you can specify what your preference is. She’s very quick and only charges a tiddly widdly amount so it won’t break your human’s bank balance.

Please go to Felicity’s website and order up hundreds and then give them to all the poor cats that live in catteries or rescue centres. I was a stray before Ollie told me about the Cat Flap Which Never Closed and I’ve been grateful for all the new toys that Mum Mews has given me. I particularly like the catnip mice though that Felicity made for me.!catnip-mice/c1uxg

Prices are £3.99 for the UK and £5.99 for overseas – postage free. Each mouse is stuffed with the best quality catnip – perfect for cats with a discerning nose.  

That’s it for now

Love Casey

First Class Tester of New Cat Things

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Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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