purrfectbox.co.uk The other day an exciting thing happened.  The Postman knocked on the door and handed Mum a parcel which was for me!  I’m not prone to bursts of excitement as you’re probably aware and even I had to work hard to contain my curiosity and try to quell the hysteria that was rising within me.

Inside the parcel –which was called a Purrfect Box by the way – there was some lovely food treats for me, which I’ve eaten and shared with Gibbs (who still pops in for a nightly wrestle) and Clive, from next door.

Casey with catnip pillowThere was an oblong thing which had me going berserk.  It is called a catnip pillow. However, I didn’t use it to go to sleep! I played with it for simply ages.

There was a very clever catnip toy shaped like a fly with catnip encased in its wings.  It’s a dangly toy and you need a human to play with you to help you enjoy the experience.  Mum likes this toy a lot as she holds it up in the air while I dance around swatting it.

Biogance ear/eye cleansers*There was also a bottle of ear cleanser.  This has rosemary and mint in it and it does smell rather lovely.  You have to put a little bit on some cotton wool and gently - and very carefully – clean the inside of your cat’s ears.  Mum did this for me and although I struggled a little bit, she was very gentle with me and I have to say, it doesn’t hurt and it is very soothing.  She’s going to do it a couple of times a week so that I feel pampered and will smell nice!

The only thing I wasn’t too happy about was there was a PINK collar with red diamonds and a pink shiny bell on it.  Whether the lovely people at PURRFECT BOX think Casey is a girl’s name, I don’t know, but although the collar is pretty, I, for one, won’t be wearing a GIRL’S collar!

The people at Purrfect Box also do a Pawsome Box for dogs and Mum got one for Samson, the Great Dane who lives next door with Clive.  This month as a thank you, they are giving a Unique 25% Off Promotional Code. This unique code will give 25% off the first box on any one of their plans - including their monthly, 3, 6 & 12 month subscriptions!

This is the code you need to apply: blg1oahw.

It really is the purrfect present to give the cat in your life!

You can find them on Instagram: https://instagram.com/pawsomebox

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pawsomeboxuk



*The ‘Clean Ears Lotion’ by Biogance has a formula consisting of menthol and natural extracts of rosemary to clean the most sensitive areas of a cat’s ears.   For more information on this and other Biogance products, please head to their website: www.biogance.com 



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