The other day a box arrived for Gibbs and me.   Mum made a big thing about ‘OOH look, Casey.  Look Gibbs.  What’s this?’  As we’re not blessed with supervision or x-ray eyes, we couldn’t help her with an answer.  We just waited patiently while she opened the box, took out the bubble wrap and then revealed the goodies.

Casey with green dinosaurFirst to come out of the box was a green dinosaur – A Kong Dynos Cat Toy – which comes in pink and blue as well.  You know my views on play but Gibbs grabbed it and ran off to his box to lick it half to death.  It’s filled with catnip to keep us interested.

Casey with pink pigWhile he was engaged in that task, another surprise came out of the box. This time it was fluffy pink pig – Botanicals Catnip Refillable Valerian/Peppermint Piglet.   I have to admit, I quite liked the pig – it was fluffy and looked quite sweet.  This little piggy has an easy-open pouch so you can put more catnip in when you want to.

Next to come out of the box was a yellow spotted fish – Catnip Sardine Fish.  I liked this one and I did ‘play’ with it for a while – at least Gibbs with catnip fishfive minutes.   This is filled with ‘the world’s strongest catnip’ so will keep us going for ages and ages. Gibbs then picked up the pig and the fish and played with them too, while I waited to see what else was in the box. 

I didn’t have to wait too long before Mum pulled out a bag of catnip mice which you can eat!  They were extremely tasty and both Gibbs and I liked these.  Yummy Catnip Mice they were called and Mum lets us have one a day as a treat. She said she’s had to hide them away because she’s sorely tempted to try one herself because they look like they’re made of chocolate – but they aren’t.

And the final treat for Gibbs and me is a DVD.  Now me and Gibbs have a problem here.  We don’t have thumbs so can’t put it on the player by ourselves so that’s a job for Mum to do when she’s not watching all her medical dramas, her vet programmes, and her documentaries and NCIS of course – that’s how Gibbs got his name, by the way – in case you’ve ever wondered. From the lead character in NCIS. 

Anyway, I’ve gone off track, sorry.  The DVD is called Feline Frolics – TV fun for your furry feline friend.  It sounds great fun and we can’t wait to watch it.  When we have watched it we’ll tell you all about it.

All these things came from a nice man called Peter and his cat, Ethel, from Yorkshire, England. Their company is called The Cat Company and you can find them online here:

Casey and Gibbs


One Cat is Company

"One cat is company.
Two cats are a conspiracy. 
Three cats is an attempted takeover.
Four or more cats is a complete coup!"

Shona Steele (Australia)

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